Games/Casual Music

Currently looking to upgrade my audio gear! I don’t have a good set as it has been 10 years since my last purchase (gaming headset :frowning:).

Looking for advise/inputs. Kind of was leaning toward the Ricardos but the MH571 look interesting.

Overall budget: $300
Music: EDM, Rock, HipHop, Metal

Plan on getting a modmic or boompro, depending on choices. I will be getting an amp in the future (looking at Mayflower ARC).

Are you looking for open or closed?

If you want gaming performance, something like the dt880 or dt990 with a modmic might be a good choice

You could get a hifiman he4xx and a modmic or a Sennheiser hd58x and modmic for an impressive both gaming and music headphone that would compliment your music tastes

Really open to either. I have only ever had closed and will mainly be used in my game/office room. Maybe take them out in public, would be rare though.

If you want something that in the off chance you would be wearing outside, I would say that you can take the 58x portable. It’s great for gaming and music, and also easily powered. Build and comfort are solid and comfy. If you did want something that isolates with an integrated mic, the mh751 is pretty great

Thanks! Yeah it probably will be rare. Just watched Zs review and they look good, there are just so many options. I started looking at the Ricardos originally but doesn’t seem like they maybe have held over time.

I personally think they are ok, but value wise there is better out there imo

Beyerdynamic Custom Game could be an option. Then you have a mic available when at your desk and on the go it is out of your way (because it stays at your desk).

I’m basically in the same boat as the OP.

While reaching I ran into these:

Are these ATH-ADG1x a terrible choice?

Are the recommendations above with a modmic the way to go?

I personally think if you wanted to consider the audio Technicas, the ad700x and a modmic would be the better way to go (better then the adg1x imo). I really like the ad700x for pure competitive gaming, but for more mixed use, the aforementioned options might be the better idea

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Which do you think has better imaging and soundstage between the HE4xx and HD58X?

I think the 4xx has better soundstaging, but the 58x has more precise imagining. The 4xx would be a more wide fun sound, while the 58x would be more warm and a bit closer sounding

It’s more preference between the two imo

So I sat down and listened to the demo from the Ricardos and HD58X. Thankfully the 1st few songs are the same :slight_smile:

I could tell the Ricardos were more narrow but the the Lindsey Stirling track sounded so different between the two. I had to double check that they were the same on both videos. The sound stage was so much bigger on the HD58X.

The sound demo? That doesn’t really give you a sense of what a headphone will sound like imo because of all the things the demo has to go through that it really no longer represents the sound of the headphone you are trying to demo. There’s no harm in listening to them, but I don’t think that they would be something to base a purchase off of