Games for Music

I was playing “Tiles Hop” on my phone recently and i was wondering if there where other games like this for Windows where you can play a game while listening to the music. Maybe even load a song into it for parsing and play. I’m always waving my hands around and playing the notes in the air. might be nice to have a game to play besides just looking at stuff on reddit, or just closing my eyes lol.

Beat Hazard 2 comes to mind also Audiosurf 2

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audio surf 2 is fucking great… if your into weeb music osu! is king

Osu is way more involved tho lol. That shit can be pretty hard on higher difficulty, also you want a drawing tablet

true. when I want to play a music game I just pull out my guitar hero guitars.

also a good music game is crypt of the necrodancer

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There’s an old school PSX game called Vib-Ribbon that let you use your own music CDs. I’m sure there’s similar, newer stuff out there on smartphones.

" The game was unique in that the software loaded into RAM, letting the player use any music CD to play against; the game could generate a unique level from any track."

Apparently, there’s a PS store version that works on PS3, not PS4 unfortunately.

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Sayonara Wild Hearts. Good music game. Has Queen Latifah in it… cuz i guess, why not?
It’s literally an album front-to-back played as a videogame, so it’s about an hour long. I personally enjoyed it.

Tetris Effect is pretty good too. It’s available on Epic Game Store and PS4. It is incredibly immersive played in VR. And Tetris is still a really good game.

Vib Ribbon is awesome. M0N mentioned audiosurf 2 and beat hazard 2, I’ve only played the first games of both series but they were great.

More of a rythem game than a music game:


Can confirm audiosurf 2 is amazing. No matter what music you like. I find it pretty stressful to play fast or rapidly changing (in pacing) songs…but still fun no matter what. I don’t care that I suck. I love the game and the best part is being able to commit to almost any length of time…1 song, 2, 10, any number based on how long you have or want to play

Thumper was awesome, especially in VR, but then it gets to a difficulty spike I couldn’t get past

This isn’t for PC, but some of my favorite videos to watch are these videos of people playing these custom maps based on certain songs. The game is called Beat Saber.

Yes it is!
Thing is:

  • You got to get a VR headset
  • You will get a daily workout (assuming you play VR)
  • You will buy replacement foam pads in ~3 months

BeatSaber can get real tricky:

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Well there ya go! See, I don’t know much about video games lol.
It can double as a good fun workout too I think if you do something complicated enough.

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Audiosurf is the best music game that let you play according to your very own tunes and there are also many games like Audiosurf you can check them out here