Games that have really good sound design

Recently bought a set of DT1990 pro and wanted to test gaming on these, I heard they are pretty good for that. But I also wanted some recommendations on games that have really good audio. Good quality and immersive/atmospheric sound.

I use hellblade for every headphone I buy. its an insane way to use sound if you have a headphone with great imaging and soundstage shit really fucks with you. highly reccomend this puzzle combat game for any gamer/audio enthusiast.
rainbow six siege doesnt use anything fancy other than excellent sound cues it uses some pretty basic tech but compensates for excellent design. every footstep, gunshot gadget evrything has a unique sound, isound is half the battle in this game. you can tell which opertaor is being used with sound alone. from a specific gunshotm to how a footstep or gadget sounds. they have unique sounds for every terrain even ones created by playersand have some pretty clever methods to tell a player whether someone is above or below them
overwatcha and battlefield one uses dolby atmos. which is actually really well impremented
modern warfare 2019 is pretty fucken good especially with something like a he 400i, 4xx, sundara the way their sound engine and how these planars layer leads to a fun combination, not the best competitively but certainly the most immersive.


Ok, thank you. I’ll take a look at those. I actually have Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. But i didn’t play those a lot. And when I played overwatch I didn’t pay too much attention to the sound.

I am not a huge fan of the game…but Subnautica has a ridiculously well produced audio.

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yeo the under water experience is serene and fucked up. I have a mild fear of large bodies of water so that game is literally my worst nightmare. alien isolation no problems, silent hill no biggie, resident evil dont even phase me fucking subnautica isa huge nope fuck that shit for me


rainbow is great soud design wise. iverwatch is just good fro their built in virtual suround sound.

my biggest recc here is hellblade such a good game with awesome sound design

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Another game that has excellent (albeit simple music and audio) is Cuphead.


RDR2 has really good imaging, especially for distant and large objects like waterfalls. Most games tend to just shove that in one ear or the other, or both depending on how close you are (and you usually have to be very close to hear anything at all).

Battlefield 1 has both excellent audio effects and soundtrack.

I haven’t played a game in a while but I remember Alan Wake having fascinating sound designs. The sound design really draws you into the settings of the game. They actually even had a local band make them some Songs to match protagonists and the whole soundtrack in between chapters is outstanding.

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Diablo II.

According to Zeos, Squad has great sound design. CS:GO is an obvious one. Quake live/champions are good for positional audio.

If you want good sound mixing and design look into the RE2 remake which has complex binaural sound design based on distance, position, room material, reverb, and transmissive (hearing from room to room)

+1 for Hellblade. I was also pretty impressed by Shadow of the Tomb Raider – I think they were trying to pimp out the Atmos.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

Hope it is really good because I already bought it! Haha, I have not played it yet because of work. But I’m looking forward to it. Well made horror games should have very good sound design IMO

I play (use to not as much lately) a lot of Battlefield and they all have good sound. Mostly BF3 and BF4. BF1 and BF5 have good sound as well, just don’t like the game play as much.