Gaming audio engines

Which games have the best audio engines and design? I know hellblade and cyberpunk have them but other than that recommend me some games to play with amazing audio


Heard good things about Escape from tarkov, insurgency sandstorm and hunt showdown. All more competitive titles though.

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Starcraft II (and by extension, Heroes of the Storm) have the most garbage sound engine ever. It does the classic cheap & simple “5 zones system” where you have

Left | Mid-Left | Center | Mid-Right | Right

Anything with an ID-Software engine pulling the strings is usually pretty good.

Nvidia VRWorks Audio could be pretty neat, I am not aware of any game making use of it though.

I think Overwatch sounds brilliant but it might be more sound design than sound engine :stuck_out_tongue:
Some guns (Shikishima) in WoWs sound pretty amazing.

I also have to second insurgency. I shoot guns irl. These guns sound les real than those in Insurgency (and sandstorm) xD

COD Modern Warfare 2019 is the best sounding game I’ve heard so far, BF1 has a native ATMOS mix that’s pretty good, insurgency sandstorm sounds great, as well as Hell let loose.

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I can’t really speak on casual gaming? theres far far too many in that category worth thinking on… but competitive…

Tarkov Best in class

Insurgency Sandstorm, Hunt Showdown, Hell Let Loose, Squad does well… not the best could be better but very damn impressive

Older cods like Modern Warfare, Older battlefields like battlefield 4, Halos including infinite, Apex Legends, CSGO, Valorant… the passably average yet still usable category

Cod Warzone, Cod Vanguard, Overwatch the either you just didnt give two shits about sound engine or it wasnt deemed necessary area. granted overwatch sounds good its just the engine is meh

Battlefield 2042… hur hur gun go brr to the left but it sound to the right category where the developers half ass everything especially the sound engine. Yes, I will agree with maze starcraft 2 and heroes of the storm can go here too for just pathetically terrible sound engines.

I am sure I am missing some fps in there

I probably would put battlefield 1 and 4 up there. For the sound quality and scale that it has to work at.