Gaming Audio Surround Sound Recommendations

Hey Everyone, i moved on from owning “Gaming Headsets” and got my self

DT990 headphones
Symba Sonic Amp/DAC
Snowball ICE (Don’t really use it because it picks up a lot of noise in the background, but i can get a stand and elevate it which will probably help"

I am looking to upgrade to either to one of the following below what are your recommendation
Schitt Hel
Schitt Magni 3+ and Modi
Schitt Magni Heresy and Modi

I play all types of games currently playing Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, ESO, No Man Sky, Breakpoint, Division2, Assasin Creed. I enjoy the 7.1 aspect so i am thinking of getting a software base surround sound. I currently have dolby atmos for Headphones, but realized it really only works when the game supports it. I found the creative sbx mb 3, but its been a few years since it was released not sure if its still worth it. Do you have any recommendation or should i just go hardware wise and get the SXFI X3.

Any other advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated


Recommended skip… garbage amp in my opinion.

Good combo unit mainly if you just want that mic input and a bit of ease of use. Plenty of power behind it as well.

Recommended switching over to Liquid Spark + E30 due to the brightness behind 990 to tame it while making it sound good. Schiit is nice but not the best for a 990 in my opinion more so with the modi as it appears to make the headphone slightly brighter.

This practically destroys your game sound but if you truly like it… like you mentioned atmos is a thing but also other programs like Hesuvi… you can get a little 7.1 dongle if you really need it otherwise switch your setup over to a Soundblaster G6 it’s not the “best” sounding but it has all the gamer options to it. If you want SXFI mode than switch over to the X3 instead as there is sxfi and 7.1 built into that amp and it runs 250 ohms just fine I just really do not like recomending these amps they really don’t sound all that great lol. If you are running 600 ohms though you may have some issues as x3 and g6 both struggle with 600 ohm without preamp or a secondary amp unit using the 7.1 unit as a dac.

Depends on what background noise you mean. If by keyboard then maybe… potentialy not though its a condensor mic so its going to try to pick up everything. Best bet is push to talk or switch out to a Dynamic mic as they are more suited for this use why gamers use condensor mics is beyond me though a lot of streamers now get sound proof rooms and super quiet keyboards.

Thank you so much would you recommend the liquid Spark + E30 even if i change the headphones in the future


Depends, which headphones would you have in mind? Keep in mind that amps and dacs offer certain characteristics to the sound of a headphone so really if it was a completely seperate headphone like an audeze I probably would recommend something else

I interested in this Headsets
Audeze Penrose (mostly going to be used for the PS5)
Vokyl Erupt
DT 1990
I heard good things about Dan Clark Audio Aeon open X Headphones
Hifiman Sundara

Please skip this. I sat down with this one it’s pretty bad and not worth the money in my opinion. You stand to gain a hell of a lot more out of a wide variety of other headphones considering the price of this… it needs a pad swap of around the $60 - $70 region bringing it to around $500 for a headset it’s not worth it at all in my opinion.

Those are one of my favorites I own them currently. I would recommend the same setup here but recommend later on upgrading to either an asgard 3 + e30 or if you have a higher budget potentially switching to the very expensive unit Liquid Platinum + a corresponding price dac such as a Bifrost 2. The reason is that this headphone really changes sound for the better with better units later on… not to say its bad with a spark at all though.

Definitely the same recommendation. This is because the liquid spark rolls off treble and makes the 1990 sound great. Future upgrade on the amp is definitely the asgard 3 imo and after that potentially staying with the asgard or switch up to the RNHP. Keep E30 until your ready to upgrade to around the $500 region on the dac otherwise just keep the e30 in house.

brand new, lossless, multiple changing signatures. The spark won’t really be necessary here as it should work just fine without the amplifier… plus you need special cabling for the console connections more than likely the ps5 will be the same needing an optical connection with the dac of choice.

Great headphone but the company suffers from quality control issues. I love this headphone to death but no longer have mine. Magni would be good here as well as spark as well as a wide variety of others… this one isn’t particularly picky but I like a warmer amp so spark is fine as is something from Ifi such as zen dac as they can bring out the bass more here…

Something to take note. 990, 1990, and sundara are close to the same signature… suggest sticking with one than venturing to other sound signatures so they compliment one another. 1990 is fine and all but I don’t recommend this for a daily driver especially not for casual gameplay. If your set on the 1990 consider a set of pads for it to be better suited for casual such as a set of dekoni suedes. Otherwise I would recommend the T1 gen 2 for the setup as I find them better for casual usage.

Thank you very much for all the help one last question so i don’t bother you anymore. For casual game what headphones would you recommend when venturing off to another sound signature. Is the Dan Clark Audio Aeon open X a different signature or something like the h6XX, but open to any suggestion you have and would the other signature still be good with the amp/dac you recommend or would i need to switch it also


so the liquid spark + E30 will tend to be a little warmer or rather a bit bassier than a neutral clean amp such as something like a magni or jds atom. At the same time it will roll off treble so in some cases such as a dark headphone it may sound a little bassier and darker on the treble.

Aeon open X is a bit of a neutral ish V signature it’s in its own area for a sound signature and definitely not a bright headphone. hd6xx is like other sennheisers which tend to be more neutral in sound and have more mid centric for vocal lovers. I would recommend probably the Tygrs or Nighthawk Carbon if you want a warm(tygr) or dark signature(nighthawk) to try out as they are around $200 otherwise maybe a Philips Fidelio X2HR would be a great cheap option for you to check out a warm sounding headphone or meze(3 options 99 neo and noir different aesthetics), aeons kind of in it’s own boat there for it’s subtle V signature, for more neutrals your pretty much looking at Sennheisers, Focal in some cases, or Shure. In portability Grados has a mixed bag of sound and are decent enough. Modders headphone for those who want to be able to flip sound signatures around would be the Fostex T50RP or T60RP. Tons to try to many to list to check out other signatures… Casual games aren’t all that picky particularly but if your wanting more bass in your casual game? go towards the warmer / dark sounding headphones next as I find them great for casual and movies and the like.

Thank you so much for all the help so many options

How is the L30 / E30 combo compared to Liquid Spark + E30. Seems to be easier to find in Canada


L30 is a brand new product as such I have no experience with it to speak of. I would ask M0N about that one as he just recently got his. I stand behind the spark though as the better pairing considering how well it sounds compared to toppings other amps that I tried such as A30.