Gaming headphones + dac / amp 100% FPS advice?

Hello everyone from Hi-fi, I’m Gl1tch and I mostly play fps. I need help with a good headphone basically for warzone in pc to hear footsteps and positioning.

price 200 for headphones
amp just want a good one for the headset price range i guess 100-200 its ok
and what cables are also good.

Hey, welcome to hifiguides. Appears this got a little buried.

DT 770 for closed back, Tygr 300r if your sensitive to treble, DT 880 for a bright balanced all rounder semi open back, Penrose for headset wireless, mh752 for headset budget, Sennheiser 58x Jubilee for neutral balanced signature(extremely jack of all trades approach), mmx300(bought used) 2nd generation 32 ohms(essentially dt 770 with a mic on it) one of the best closed headsets, pc38x one of the best open headsets. Headphones will be better than the headsets listed.

Monoprice Liquid Spark stack, Topping A30+D10 stack, Schiit Magni 3+ + Modi stack, JDS Atom stack or a mixture of the units is okay such as spark + d10.

Combination units will be cheaper(note you need a dac for your amp… just buying an amp leads to a mountain of potential issues) however, they will also be weaker on amplification and not be as high of quality in sound.

Such units are Soundblaster G6 and X3(has connectors for the ps4 and xbox… as they require optical), Ifi zen Dac(power is mostly in the balanced plug but can still drive headphones rather well… also has a bass boost button), Schiit Fulla 3(powers up to 250 ohms but barily at 250), Fiio E10k(close to the same power as fulla 3)