Gaming headphones to pair with Schiit stack

I just got a modi 3+ and a magni 3+ and I’m wondering what you guys think the best headphones for competitive gaming are.
Best imaging and positional audio?

I’m currently using SHP9500

What’s your budget my guy?

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@Falenkor has a huge thread discussing exactly this:


Yup, 2nd that. @Falenkor has addressed this many times.

Personally, I’d say for <$100 the MH751/752 from Cooler Master, ~$200 I’d say the Beyer TYGR 300 R, and above that the DT 1990 is practically endgame.


Ideally $100-$200
But would spend up to $300 if it’s worth it.

Thanks for the reply!
I have a pair of takstar pro 82s and I like them but I really prefer open back headphones.

I have been looking at a few different beyers and they all seem really good

Thank you I’ll check it out!


I will chime in, lol agreed though I do tend to address these each time just whenever I am freed up really.

$200 budget ideal with an amp? Depends… there is no “best” I would say for positional since each headphone has it’s own signature and will go based on the persons preferences… however, the better headphones in this price range would be the beyerdynamics consisting of DT 880( Semi Open back mid centric neutral bright), DT 990(fully open larger soundstage extremely accurate imaging but harsh very sharp V shape signature which pose serious issues and is a bit too bassy for competitive), DT 770(V shape but not as sharp as 990 still has a bass issue, very good imaging, very large soundstage for a closed back).

you also would have tygr 300r which is just a redone up variant of the 990s without the treble and bass problem but it has less clarity, treble presence, and is quite warm sounding which may throw some people off, and you have the Sennheisers such as 58x jubilee which is an all rounder… not as big of soundstage as the beyers or as accurate but it fits better in other areas in most cases the other headphone being the 560s which after sitting down with I view personally as a step up of the pc38x since they are relatively of a very similar signature yet the 560s is a lot better for music and reference grade. The beyers will be better performing in games than the sennheisers but if you like the comfort and natural yet neutral sound of the sennheisers they aren’t bad at all


Thanks for the reply! I’ve been looking through the thread on your guide and I’m getting a boat load of information so thank you for that as well!
I’m really thinking about the dt770s or the 880s.
I prefer open back but my wife does not, so I’m leaning toward the 880s since they’re semi open. But considering the 770s since they still have good soundstage and imaging, and it’ll make the wife happy hearing less of my game or music lol.
I’m just a little lost on the ohms. I’m unsure what will work better for the magni 3+. 250 or 600ohm
The only downfall of the beyers for me is not having a detachable cable. The length of the cable would bother me. Although the detachable cable mod doesn’t seem to hard to do.

880 is good for that mixed bag as while its still open it still has decent isolation to it. Either way your good but I would definitely take 880 over the 770 considering how much better 880 performs. Take 880 at 600 ohms if your going that route…

your fine at 600 ohms and it sounds at its best in this regard… it scales well too so if you upgrade the headphone will change and sound beter to a degree

there are people that offer this as a service as well, so not really hard to have done.

Awesome man thank you again for the help!
I’ll go for the 880 600ohm then!


Did you try the dt880 600 ohm with magni/modi? How do you like it?

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I haven’t ordered a pair yet. But I will get back to you when I do get them and let you know what I think.

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