Gaming headphones?

Hi guys I recently had to send my audeze penrose’s back as it got air in the diaphragm :(, after around a year/year and a half, I quickly brought some razer Kraken V3 HyperSense XD I know I know just as a step in and they are trash! Completely, (I’ll still keep them for when I want to listen to bass aimed music)

But I have… £219-319 to spend, ideally wireless… Or… Hear me out… 2 set!?

So I’m stuck do I get something like this…

Thinking razer blackshark v2 pro (wireless) and some 400se wired


Just get the maxwell? Or anything else anyone would suggest?

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Maxwell’s are very good if you can swing it. It’s just silly good sound quality for the cost. Think 1000 dollar headphone/amp quality.

If you can go wired and cheap and need a mic drop 38x is a good way to go. A lot depends on if you need a mic or not.

I don’t need a mic at all just don’t teamspeak,

So do you think not going for the razer blackshark v2 pro/400se and just get the maxwell’s?

At the moment the razer blackshark v2 pro’s are £109 down from 170?

But ideally need wireless, I’m trying the cheep Kraken V3’s as a pretty much test see how I get on with wires,

But I don’t want to risk getting the dreaded air in the diaphragm’s again on a set that to me is expensive, luckily the penrose had a 2 year warranty and the shop I brought them from was literally amazing, got the refund same day as they received them

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Maxwell is supposed to be a huge step above the Penrose and I wouldn’t hesitate one bit on picking them up. Also the Maxwell looks way more vented than the Penrose so the risk of it happening again should be minimal.


I’ve had the Blackshark Pro v1, HyperX Cloud II and now running the Maxwell’s for wireless closeback. They are a planar but they are heavy, so if you’re not used to heavy headphone (I own other Audeze’s so pretty used to it), you won’t be able to wear for too long. I still rate the HyperX and now that the HyperX Cloud III is out, might be worth checking.

The sound on the Maxwell is just awesome, the EQ lets you customise it to your listening preferences and you can highlight those frequencies you need for each particular game. Plus if you just want to listen to music, they are excellent.

I have some wicked cushions pads coming to see if that is more comfortable.

Where I don’t need a mic so much or can get away with open backs, I run a pair of Hifiman 400SE headphones with an external mic. I bought a cheap aliexpress suspension headband for them and can wear them for hours on end.


ahh okay thanks ill save another 100 and get the maxwells! just need to find diffrent cushions, again thinking the wicked, apparently they also let them breath a bit more so should help with air getting in the diaphragm

Oh man, I’ve been wanting to try these out. I started gaming less right before they dropped. Some of the things i’ve been playing lately haven’t really called for high-end listening.