Gaming headset ~$50 - $200 without mic


I am looking for a “gaming” headset (without microphone, no problem if there is).

I do not really want some “fancy” headset, because I believe, that it is overpriced compared to some headphones without the label “gaming” on them.

I have seen crinacle’s THE BEST GAMING HEADPHONES don’t matter video and I was thinking about the AKG K612 Pro.

But the video is uploaded on 20th September 2021 and I think there could be some “new” headphones out there.

I am looking for: a “gaming” headset (without mic, no problem if there is), something with low bass and very high pinna gain (that should help with the sound of footsteps, right?)

Budget: $50 - $200

I am pretty new to this whole “audio scene” and I really appreciate any help or recommendations.


I’d say the Beyerdynamic TYGR 300r, good build good comfort, wide soundstage (meaning a sense of space with the sound), great imaging (good directionality of the sound), good detail and overall a solid headphone

Side note: in most “gaming” headphones you dont have (or want) a strong bass since that will cover up other sounds, that doesnt mean they dont have bass, its just a bit subdued compare to more “musical” headphones

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Thank you, I will check them!


Ive actually modded my beyerdynamic dt770 to have a second headphone jack for a mic. Might be a mod worth looking into