Gaming IEM's to pair with my current headphones?

I currently use my Sennheiser Game Ones on my tablet for discord voice comms, and I’m looking to pair them with some IEM’s to plug into my PS4 controller, solely for game audio.

I have a budget of about $100, and I’d be using the IEMs in my ear, and my Game Ones over them.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Tin T2

LINSOUL TIN Audio T2 HiFi 2DD Double Dynamic Drive in Ear Earphone Bass DJ Metal Headphones, 3.5 mm MMCX

with a cable with an in-line mic

OKCSC Upgrade Earphone Cable 5N 4 Share Twist Weave Copper Plate Silver MMCX Jack Replacement Cord for SHURE SE215 SE315 UE900 (White mic)

Thanks, I went with the Tin T2.