Gaming set up for xbox one x

Hi guys n gals,
I am an avid gamer on the Xbox and love my audio. I am always looking for a good set up and find myself coming up short.
I was using
-Astro mixamp pro tr
-HiFi man HE400i
-atlion modmic

The problem I was found with this set up was position audio was lacking and I actually found using the Arctis 9x was way better for my gaming even if the quality was not as good I was not being snuck up on as much in-game.

Is there a set up that will give me better audio and still good imiging and still have my chat audio working?
I figure if anyone can help this comunity can.

Any and all suggestions welcome, amps dac’s headphones all of it im open.

Thanks in advance.

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What options for you have interm of audio out of the Xbox?

Optical is the main option or hdmi into something that will convert it?

I personally think that mixamp is really letting that 400i down imo. It’s not designed to be used with other headphones, and it won’t preform well with the 400i for sure. I think the 400i has the potential to do really well with gaming with a good amp

What are you using your mic on, the Xbox or a PC?

do you have a amp in mind?

I was kinda thinking the fiio k5 pro as it has really good bang for the buck and drives the 400i pretty well imo


Do you think the audio chat will still work with a splitter through that amp?

no it wouldn’t I was thinking maybe the fulla 3? as that has a mic in and it’s supposed to be really good but It only has USB in and im not dure if that would work

maybve the mayflower arc? but IMO super overpriced at that point might as well get a hel but evn that doesnt have optical in

ah actually the soundblaster G^ should work it wont be able to push the 400i as hard as the fiio but it has a mic in , should be compatible with your xbox, as well as virtual suround sound if your into that. and defnitely a step up from your mixamp

So what do you mean by a splitter, and how is your mic currently connected?

It’s a mod mic so it has it’s own separate connector and just magtises to the side of the headhone

Yeah I get that I just mean what is he plugging the mic into

Don’t know maybe an internal splitter? In the amp. But it won’t work cause no mic inputs

Does the hel support an Xbox? I can’t find any info on that

not sure thats why I hesitated and went the soundblaster direction cause I know thats compatible

Thanks for all the replys, the 400i and mod Mic go into a Y splitter and then into the 3.5mm jack in the Mixamp.

I’ll take a look at the soundblaster G

Beyerdynamic mmx 300 2nd gen. Just plus straight into your xbox controller. Boom. can buy a small inline amp if you need more volume but i find that the controllers has plenty of enough power for mine.