Garage amplifier, dac/amp

I recently bought 2 Polk Atrium 8 speakers for the garage. Im out there working everyday and wanted to upgrade from the small Bluetooth unit I’ve been using. My question is this, what sort of amp would you recommend? I would like something that can support a subwoofer as I will eventually be adding one on. Thank you!
Edit: budget is $500usd or less.

I wouldn’t overthink it. I’d take a look at the integrated amplifiers on-the-market in the $300-$500 range and choose the one that you like best. Those are going to offer a bevy of input/output options including subwoofer support, and more than worthy of your garage. Most have phono if that is applicable, sometimes BT.

How are you getting your music to the amplifier is another question?

Thanks for the response! I am most likey going to use bluetooth and stream from Tidal. This will be the first item of this type I’ve purchased, would you mind listing a few brands/ models that are in the price range you mentioned?