Gear Questions - Passive or Powered Speakers for on desk with woo audio wa7

I am totally revamping my desk setup and audio chain completely.

I just purchased the woo audio wa7 fireflies gen3 to pair with my abyss Diana v2. I looking for a set of desktop speakers that will work from either the 3.5mm or 4.4mm bal outs.

I have a pair of Klipsch R-41M and R-51M I would be able to use. I am however without a speaker amp as I gave my loxjie a30 to a buddy of mine who needed it. So I am also not against to revamping my speakers to a powered set that would work well with the wa7.

Please send help.


do you have a budget? i feel like entry klipsch are far inferior to wa7/diana combo.

I mean I don’t have one setup personally but nothing like $5,000 loudspeakers or anything outrageous.

nah. but if your not going to spend around 1k total for amp and new speakers, you might as well buy an amp for the klipsch’s.

some decently better speakers for around 500-800/pair. then another couple hundred on the amp. you wouldnt want to go to much cheaper then a couple hundred for 500+$ speakers

edit: i don’t know how much you listen to your speakers. are your use for them. if your mainly going to use them for media for instance, the klipsch’s are fine

true. I am not opposed to replacing these speakers for better near fields for my desk either. I wouldn’t be heart broken to move the speaker setup to my den and have a stereo setup for just house music on the weekends.

I use my speakers for almost 8 hours a day minus time on conference calls etc for work. I only switch to headphones once my family is home in the evenings since my office is actually the old dinning room in our house and I closed it in with glass doors.

i have not heard the diana’s. but i do have a pair of klipsch. what kinda sound you looking for?

edit: also, how much space? amps take up more room. and powered might be better given your situation.

edit2: you also tend to get more bang for your buck with powered. but less ability to upgrade.

I have some space on my desk but I like to keep it open for work if possible. I used to have a schist modi multiunit day, darkvoice336, and a Gilmore lite mk2 and really happy to go down to just a wa7.

It does sound like going down to just a wa7 and a set of powered is what I should look for.

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if you like the sound of your klipsch, you could always get the fives.

I actually had a pair of the fives on my desk but moved them to my son’s room. They were too big for my desk tbh.

edit: iloud are some of the best sounding, minimal room taking, speakers going.

Do you have any experience with the iLoud MTM?

Ha I was just looking at those.

the mtm dig a little bit deeper and play louder. but cost double. they also come with pretty good room correction software and mic.

edit: i feel like, between the fact they dig pretty deep, and you get the auto room correct, the mtm are worth it over the standard. if you can afford them. the regualr ones, on some tracks, you might be pressed to want a sub. not so much on the mtm.

edit2: i have not heard the mtm, but i did buy the regular ones one of the times they were on sale. they sound pretty damn good. gave them to my neighbor as i don’t need them and just wanted to hear them lol. thats another thing, they go on a really good sale couple times a year if you can wait.

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you think the 3.5mm unbalanced would be fine to connect to the wa7?

looks like the mtm is usb input only. the regular ones you could. they have rca in, would just need a splitter.