Gear that's good for music like Linkin Park

so, what DAC, Amp and Headphones would do Linkin Park justice?

Tin P1 and a Fiio btr5

So are you saying that what you currently have doesn’t do LP justice? What are you trying to accomplish sonically or what do you not like with what you have-- if that is the case?

That is an interesting question to specify gear for just one band.

there’s no problem. I just wanted to generate discussion, especially since I’ve been listening to a lot o LP lately. :slight_smile:

For me it would be something with good ANC, or good external isolation, and hooked up to a source that was playing something different.*

*JUST KIDDING. Sort of. I don’t know enough Linkin Park to hate them.

Runaway - Hybrid Theory

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iFi Micro iDSD and Sony IER Z1R’s is hard to beat for LP’s speed and dynamics imho.

I don’t have a single LP song in my collection so I can’t answer but I’d think the ( L )iquid ( P ) latinum has to get an honorable mention. :slight_smile:

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Yeah reckon LP would be banging with TH900’s and good tubes?