Gear with certified wife acceptance factor?

Personal expiriences of where your wife, girlfriend or just female relatives actually liked the looks enough to not get too mad at your expenses?

I’m too young to marry. Well technically, I could. Either way I just see a girlfriend as a distraction right now.
My parents are the next closest thing. They don’t like me wearing headphones at all though lol.
They do like the look of the RB42 speakers, and the SMSL AD18 with it. My mom hates all the cables and wires though. The Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon I have look silly to them. My sister likes it though. They seem to find the KPH30i more tolerable lol since it’s smaller.
I think the most accepted thing are the BLON BL-03 I got. Since they are the smallest and least noticeable. :smile:

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I’m glad WAF doesn’t play part in my life otherwise I would have a very different setup lol


I am just imagining what it looks like right now lol.

Oh shit lol i feel ya bro. my mom didn’t mind the speakers after just looking at them. she said they are really pretty. and yeah the audioquest nighthawk carbon have a weirder look for most people. It’s actually surprising that they find the KPH30i more tolerable! even if it is smaller. and the blons are beautiful

i guess they prefer minimalistic things like airpods and stuff?

My wife could care less about looks. She just gets annoyed when I have them on and I don’t hear her. She can get snoody is she thinks it’s a new one and says ‘you got another one with better isolation?’ I just lol.

I pretty much just use open backs.


It’s mainly they think that headphones are isolating and therefore it means you are anti-social, and that’s somehow bad to not talk to other people all the time. To me, there’s a time for listening to music, and a time for listening to people.


Hahaha, hey good thing you use open backs to hear her. And I’m actually surprised that she dosent care about the looks at all

Hmmmm interesting, guess that makes sense. Gotta up your speaker game and include them then lol

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Yeah I use the speakers whenever I can as I prefer them to headphones. Only problem is my parents hate most of my music, and only tend to like soft acoustic or classical, anything energetic is big no. So I usually blast my metalcore, rock, and Electronic when they leave the house lol.

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Haha can’t win every battle.

LOL, I’m lucky where I guess my family is pretty cool letting me blast my music throughout the day

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My wife loves shiny things, so the Geshelli Labs Enog2 Pro lights and some of my chifi blingy iems, she loves. Lol

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My family declared me crazy…
So much for that.

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This is pretty much my wife as well.

‘Oh another headphone to block out my voice?’ she’d say jokingly. But my wife is pretty cool about these things. She just doesn’t like it when our small apartment gets cluttered.

When I brought my dad’s old speakers + poweramp + pre-amp, she was like ‘more stuffs?’ but thought they were pretty cool looking.

My SO gave me a funny look when I said how much my aeolus cost. Other than that, no negative comments or anything like that about audio stuff. I was also told the antennas (rods) on my aeolus were cute ^^

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My wife has never commented on my Atticus other than saying it makes my big ass head look even bigger, lol.


My girlfriend liked the look of the Aeolus and said I could only get them if I got her an engagement ring. So I got her a ring and she was alright with me getting an Aeolus. Then ZMF released the Verite Closed Ironwoods a few months before our wedding. Only stipulation was I needed to hear them first before I could get them. So I heard them and bought them, but she was ok with the purchase because I sold all my other headphones, iems, amps and daps. It was worth it. Apparently she really likes ZMF headphones, she took my Aeolus.


Well there you go lol, there probably ain’t as many issues if the SO is into the hobby as well lol

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Yeah I am with muddy, as long as i spend on the old lady equally, she does not mind. i also only purchase audio gear out of taxes/bonuses. i got kids and grandkids. spent 20+ years listening to 15$ logitech speakers. now that the kids grown, we both get to buy things we have wanted. speakers for me, kitchen aid mixer for her. new amp for me, new fridge for her.

i find you spend as much on what the wife wants as you want, and you are generally ok in life. just never pick audio gear over life needs please people =D thats the biggest lesson on WAF. only spend if you can afford to.

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