Genelec - Aural ID

Since there have been topics how to ‘TP’ headphones and fine tuning by changing Amps, DAC and everything between. So how about improving the sound with current headphones by shaping it better to mach individuals own ears.
Probably none even heard about this, maybe not even M0N.
So here is something from Genelec.

Genelec Aural ID is a software technology advancement that will dramatically improve the delivery of more accurate, reliable sound, and enable an audio engine to precisely render stereo, surround or immersive content via headphones.

Who is it for?

Anyone using headphones for stereo, surround and immersive audio monitoring. Whether you are active in music recording, post production, academic research, VR or games development, Aural ID will elevate your headphone listening experience to a whole new level of realism.

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Hmmm interesting. I’ve heard of the technology but this seems pretty nice how it’s being implemented by genelec

The thing I’m really wondering is if I would want this for studio use anyway? I master with both headphones and speakers, so I guess I don’t see the point. But if you didn’t have speakers that might be pretty dang cool