General Linux Thread

More than that, Linux is efficient (and has a task scheduler that is not complete horse shit).


Welp, this is not good publicity for linux. :laughing:

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Damn, they’re even worse than bonobo apes.

WARNING: Might wreak havoc if there’s a space in any file. I used it for a while but today I got an error on an “image one.webp” like “unable to delete image: no such file or directory” and “unable to delete one.webp” : no such file or directory.

Basically if you have a webp folder next to “webp image1.webp” “webp image2.webp” etc… the command will fail and delete the webp folder. :grimacing:

Just because I forgot the " I think?

For now if any mod can delete the command above ( function webpkill etc. in post #91 ), that’d be great. I can’t edit it anymore.

Removed the command for you

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Actually, write this in your .bashrc file:

function webpkill ()
{ for i in *.webp; do ffmpeg -i "$i" "${i%.*}.png"; rm "${i%.*}.webp"; done }

source ~/.bashrc

I just forgot the " " 's.

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Well, new USB DAC, and the problem is back.
-If you plug it when your computer is running, your DAC will never work.
-If you plug it, then restart your computer, asking for bitperfect audio, your DAC will stop working as soon as it changes Khz, and a reboot is necessary every time you want to change from a 44.1Khz to a 48Khz (etc.) track.
-If you plug it, then restart your computer, with bitrate conversions allowed, it will always work.

100% disagree. 'yay -g google-chrome`. Chromium and Firefox are different. Brave I don’t remember off the top of my head.

Regardless, don’t use GUI’s.

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I, too, don’t use a GUI to install packages, but the “Linux users installing a web browser” memes are getting old and very annoying. I encountered a lot of people (even some of my friends do this) who have never used or hardly ever used GNU/Linux, and they post the “Linux users installing a web browser” meme and then proceed to shit on the OS about how “hard and stupid it is”. I like to send this GIF every time I see the meme in the wild. You see, the GIF would be a lot less impactful if it showed the real and very easy install procedure of a CLI package manager. The GUI procedure conveys the message of Linux being easy and better than Windows to normies much better. It makes the usual procedure of installing things on Windows look like rocket science! But of course, we understand that using the CLI package manager is even easier and faster, but it is about conveying the message.

It’s easier to the likes of us because we’re technically minded. You have to remember that for a lot of people finding the right button or being able to identify the search bar is hard.
It’s like learning to play guitar. For some it’s intuitive and fun to learn, but for others (probably most) it’s a device of mind numbing complexity where even plucking the strings cleanly is beyond this plane of reality.

Nnoo, not really. With all the snaps and pips and flatpaks trying to steal attention from the apts, not to mention different distros having different methods… even with apt if you don’t use it for a while you might forget if it’s “apt install” or “apt --install”. :stuck_out_tongue: Not exactly easier than clicking stuff on a GUI. And then there’s the stuff that’s not even in the official repo, where you need extra commands just to add some new repo, which isn’t even a thing on Windows. (Not about to switch back because of this, just saying it’s not easier strictly speaking.)

I disagree. It is faster and easier for me to use the CLI. I understand why this does not apply to new users, that was my hole point about the GIF being better by showing the GUI…

even with apt if you don’t use it for a while you might forget if it’s “apt install” or “apt --install”.

Would never happen to me. Also, pacman commands are much easier to remember than APT commands. Fewer letters to type, so it is easier and faster.

So basically it all becomes easier and faster after you acquire lots of experience and continue to use certain commands regularly. Great. You’re just making my point for me.