General Question: What's the difference with having different forms of DAC?

For eg as ‘pendrive’ DAC, there’s audioquest’s Dragonfly black/red/cobalt

and the other more professional looking gear. Sorry, because I don’t know much about it. Will love the replies! Thanks guys and stay safe!

It’s just like with CPU’s. You have desktop ones and mobile ones. Desktop ones are larger, most of the time requires more power. Mobile ones are small bois that can be powered with just USB. It really depends on how manufacturer designed specific DAC.

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Does it mean desktop ones better than portable ones? Let’s say we’re looking at the same price (150 dollars).

Typically yes, you trade some performance for portability and convenience


Hey M0N, hope you’re doing well! Yeah okay, good to know! Btw the post office here isn’t working because of confinement, so no headphones for me anytime soon.

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Well it doesn’t mean that best portable DAC is still worse even than bad desktop one, but ye most of the time it’s true. You just have more space and more PSU options to design such DAC. With portable you always have to have on the back of your head that is has to be portable, fit in the pocket, be able to work from battery etc.

Gotcha! Thanks! To be fair, i’m considering a portable one. But then I think: why not get a DAP instead, because it has a better dac than most phones plus you get to use it as a different device separate from your phone, and it can also work as a usb dac. Then I get confused lol