General use headphone sub 200ish €

Hi everyone!
I decided after getting more and more into a habbit of sifting through the forum to create an account and not just ask myself anymore.
I am looking for a more or less general use (gaming/music) can, which may include an amp and accessoires for a maximum total of 400€ (that number comes from having looked at Fostex T50rps and is about what it would cost me to get those with a Heresy and earpads).

I generally listen to stuff like the Cowboy Bebop, The Black Keys, Infected Mushrooms, Moe Shop and some Chill/Lo-Fi. (so probably basically everything… :confused:)
Really sorry if this is extremely vague but I am looking for ideas.


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Hi! Welcome to HFGF!

In the EU and for your needs I recommend looking for a Beyerdynamic DT880 or DT990, the 600 ohm version of either. The DT880 is just a hair better for competitive gaming and has a neutral-bright sound signature. IMO it’s bass is a little lean for rock/metal/hip-hop/edm but it’s a headphone competitive with headphones 2-3 times it’s price for jazz/classical/orchestral/acoustic music. The DT990 has a V shaped sound signature with elevated bass and treble. It’s treble does get hot, a little hot for me, but I lean toward treble sensitivity. The 990 will be a little warmer and bassier making it better for rock, etc. It’s also little more engaging for single player gaming, IMO, where the additional bass helps with immersion (the bass does reduce the pinpoint imaging the 880 has which is good for competitive gaming).

For amp I would recommend the Monolith Liquid Spark or the Schiit Magni 3+ as pairings with Beyer headphones. If you’re interested in a DAC, any of Topping E30, Monolith Liquid Spark DAC, EarMen Donald DAC, SMSL M100 or Sanskrit 10th Anniversary Edition will work great and should be easily attainable in the EU. Good luck and please let us know what you end up with.

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Hey I’m gonna hop aboard the train and ask here, as my question is very similar. I’m also looking for a new headphones to change my RS 175 which is not comfortable anymore for me.
I was looking into beyers, specifically the dt 880 250 ohms for general gaming and music, mostly psy/goa trance. Some people commented that they can get very bright sometimes, too bright for edm. I cannot afford to change my fiio e10k right now, so the 600 ohms version is out I guess…What would you recommend doing?

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Okay, sounds like a good budget to start with.

Here is the thing - Fostex T50RP are planar magnetics that need a good amount of power to drive them - also, due to their small planar magnetic driver, they aren’t capable of producing the best bass - at least that’s the case with Dekoni Blue.

Now, for that money you can grab yourself a pair of Sivga Phoenix’s which are some of the best sounding bass cans I have heard - and that’s talking about the quality (but also quantity).

It’s a relatively easy to drive headphone, so you will be fine even with something like EarMen Sparrow (using the flagship Sabre ES9281Pro) or EarMen Eagle (using ES9281).

You also could go for some Sennheiser cans, especially because you are in Europe. I am not sure how the new HD560s sounds - I still love my HD598’s. Do note that Sennheiser’s are not known for having the biggest bass extension.

I think this would sum it up for the 200 euro market that is worth checking out - you could look into some Beyers, but they are known for being brighter.

Thanks for the replies so far!
I am now considering either the DT880 or DT990 (I am not sure if I would need more bass or not… only real headphones I have access to for trying out are KPH30i, MDR1A2 and X2HR) with a Magni or maybe the Sivga Phoenix (with maybe a dac/amp combo). But for the moment I am just going to wait for either Amazon Prime day or the Black Friday week and hoping for the best.

Something I forgot about is a microphone I will need. Probably will have to hope that a modmic or something goes on sale… I sadly couldn’t find much about alternatives (I want to have it attached to the headphone)

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I now have to ask this question:
I have been driving myself insane over the ATH MSR7B’s for quite some time now because I don’t know maybe they caught my eye or something else appeals to me, plus they recently were only 120€ at Amazon (I wish I bought them at that price but maybe this returns on black friday).

Does anyone have experience with them?

Ok, I am procrastinating and once again my mind is moving on. But now to the most probable solution:

Beyerdynamic Light aka the TYGR 300R’s. They should have the treble peak slightly dampened and a bit more bass than the DT880s.
In case I really like them and do not fear the treble/sibilance anymore I might continue with the DT880s at some point in 600Ohm (already having an AMP then). If not the DT880s then I will probably go into modding the T50RPs or some other planars.

Really would like getting a Schiit Mangi Heresy or standard but those hurt a bit at 140€.

I should probably add that the Tygr’s are only 140€ including shipping here ;D

I would go for the tygrs. They are getting great reviews and I don’t think treble will be a problem.

So the Tygrs have arrived and I think I like the sound signature. Ears are touching the felt disc which is something I will either get used to in the next few days or …
Been wearing them for the past few hours and fuck yes, love them.
Now onto getting a mic (probably going to get the sharkoon sm-1 to plug into my logitech soundcard as it is dirt cheap and the soundcard should amplify it enough to be useable)
After that I either need an amp or a cable extension too… We will see ;D

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Sorry to bother again but I wanted to ask if you know alternative Amps that would do well?
I am still thinking about getting the T50RPs or maybe some 600 Ohm Beyers in the future.
Schiit right now apparently is fully out of stock and the same with the Liquid Spark.

I would mention something like a lake people g103s but that would be out of the price range you would want to spend in I would assume (although imo it is worthwhile for sure). The topping L30 is decent, but personally I do slightly prefer the spark or magni 3+, but it should be pretty readily available to you

Is no bother. I agree with @M0N that if you up your budget a little the g103s is a solid option. Otherwise if you can’t get Schiit or Monolith the L30 probably is your best bet.

So… the Topping A50 is available for 145€
I am considering…
EDIT: The same as a L30 and I don’t even need to import it…

Sorry I got myself monologing but am I right to think that the L30 is the superior amp to the A50? (as long as one doesn’t need balanced)