Genres and headphones

What headphones are your favorite for each genre of music you listen and why? Please also mention the genres you listen to

My headphone collection is the following:
Focal Elex
Hifiman HE6SE(moddified)
Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ohm
ZMF Eikon LTD Marblewood
Custom Grado inspired Symphonies
Gold Planar GL2000
Grado SR80X
Sendy Aiva
Fostex TP60(pad swapped and handband swapped)

Musical Genre + preferred headphone:
Rock/Indie - Focal Elex / HE6SE, with more towards the Focal
Metal/Death/Grindcore/Slam - HE6SE
Electronic - HE6SE / Focal Elex
Rap - HE6SE / Fostex TP60
Classical - Focal Elex
Country - Focal Elex / HE6SE

Headphone ranking
Focal/HE6SE > ZMF Eikon > Fostex TP60 > Grado Custom > GL2000 > Sendy Aiva > Grado SE80X > Beyer DT880

All of these are driven out of: RME ADI DAC2 → Liquid GoldX / Bottlehead SEX / Emotva BASX A100 / Shangling EM5

Att some point I think I might do a trade if anyone is down for my ZMFs for a Focal Clear mg!