Geshelli Archel 2 Pro Review: New Budget Headphone Amp Hero?

TLR Technology Geshelli Archel 2 Pro Review

The written review is up, I’ll be editing the video version. I have an SP200 arriving tomorrow so I’m going to push my amp comparison back a few days so I can add that one in as well.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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Thank you,when i don‘t have buy the Beresford Capella for few days.
Maybe i have try it.It looks not bad the little Box.

And the idea with warmer dac=warmer Sound and Natural Dac = natural Sound ect is not so bad i find.

The Stats are very good.

Initial thoughts comparing the SMSL SP200 to the Archel 2 pro.

They sound really, really close. If you owned the Archel 2 Pro and didn’t need more power I’d say save your money on the SP200.

I need to listen more but after an hour of A/B this is what I think.

Really close in sound… like stupid close

Archel 2 pro seems to have very slightly larger sound stage and better imaging. Again testing on a FLAC version of Black Pumas the early vocals are pushed further in space better imaged in my opinion on the Archel 2… It is minor but noticeable. All that said the Magni 3 has slightly better imaging in that song compared to the Archel 2, so it’s way more noticeable compared the SP200.

I do think the SP200 has slightly better resolution compared to the Archel 2 Pro, but I’m splitting hairs at this point. As I said before they are really, really close.

The main difference is the Archel 2 Pro is $120 cheaper, and has a less power