Geshelli Labs E2

A few months ago, my Erish started having problems. Sent it in (they supplied the shipping label.) It turned out the parts were unavailable. They said I could wait until the end of the month for the E2, when the first ones would be completed. YES PLEASE.

I’m sure the E2 will be available soon on their website. They probably just need to build up some inventory before opening the floodgates.

Well worth the wait. Grooving the No Time to Die soundtrack on Qobuz over optical → Grace Balanced DAC → E2 → Ananda

Great company, great product, and outstanding customer service and warranty.


What is this sexy wood DAC/amp? Me likey!


That’s an optional wood case for the E2 amp… Seems like it would fit their J2 DAC also.

So you can choose the metal case color, faceplate color, LED color, add a wood case & choose the stain color… AND you can upgrade the volume knob too.

Smart way to differentiate the product in a world of ever-improving specs.

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For some reason I thought it was two of the same unit. Now it makes more sense.
Still, I am waiting for an Archel equivalent of the Erish, as most of my headphones can’t be used balanced.

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I think we’ll see one before the end of the year.