Getting ASIO from one interface into 2 pc's at the same time

So keeping this short, I am trying to use the ASIO signal from my Tascam US-16x08 into two different PC’s at the same time. Would the use of a USB switch like this one linked work or is this something that can’t be done?

Just from your description of wanting to use both PCs at the same time, I would think you may want a USB splitter and not a switch since a switch typically is one device or the other. TBH I really don’t know if or how that would work in reality, never tried anything of the sort.

Won’t work. ASIO achieves its (mostly) predictable latency through exclusivity.
Further, USB is a “Host-Slave”-System with only one master being allowed.

Is there any way to send the audio from one of the PCs to the other over a network connection?