Getting into the great hobby XD

Hey so as the title says I’m looking to get into the audiophile hobby. I’m planning on getting the Sundaras and maybe some iems like the tin 2s. The part I need help with is deciding an amp/dac combo. I’d like to have a semi portable set up, so my thoughts right now are looking at the Monoprice Portable dac amp, topping NX4, Linsoul XDuoo XD-05 Plus, or the FiiO Q5s. Any ideas on these and/or other options that might work better?
Also, although I might be silly boy for thinking this, those Argon MK3s look and sound sexy. If I could keep the same amp that could power those that would be awesome. Thanks for the help!!!

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hello and welcome… imo the xduoo xd-05 plus is the way to go here… sundaras need power to get the most out of them and I don’t know from experience but ive heard it can power the argons too… the xd-05 plus can take you pretty far in this hobby and its a fantastic little amp :+1:


Potentially another option could be the iFi Nano iDSD Black Label. I don’t know a ton on portable amps/dacs though, but might be a good one since I have heard really good things about the iFi Micro iDSD Black Label


If i ever get a portable dac/amp it will be the Xduoo XD05. Zeos used to use these for powering the Argon. heres the review

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The ‘plus’ version just to clear. I has twice the power of the regular version :+1:

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i agree with the sentiments of everyone here. if you want to go portable the xduoo xd05 plus is the way to go. Has been solely responsible for powering my headphones like the focal elex, carbon nighthawks, sundaras, 58x, 4xx etc. If you do get it i HIGHLY recommend you get the burson op amp too. Brings it to the next level imo

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I’ve got the og iFi Micro iDSD and yep that thing can power most headphones and sensitive iem’s, the Dual core Burr brown chip set is as sweet as a nut, it’s X-bass switch is good for helping out with bass light sets.
The foot print is large but it’s a very versatile piece of kit and can be had for circa $250 used…Bargain👍

I’ve paired the sundaras with the ifi hip dac and it sounds great, especially with the bass boost button since the sundaras dont have too much sub bass.