Getting that warmth back

I have this love for the sound my record set up has, I don’t know if its the warmth of my set up with my HD650’s or the accurate coldness of my T3’s with my Q5s. I miss that WOW warmth that makes me stop what I’m doing and mesmerize me. I feel that its the warmth I feel from my record player/receiver and look to you wonderful people for a pair of warm headphones!

What would you consider to be a warm headphone under $1000?

(I feel it might also have to do with the reduced bass I get from my record’s set up and may or may not eq fix that…)

I mean I think the 6xx are pretty warm headphones imo, and get even warmer with a tube amp.

The LCD 2 Classic is very warm and thick sounding and might be something you enjoy

Some of the zmf headphones may be of interest to you as well

Actually the audioquest nighthawk may be of interest to you, as it really goes for that warm and thick signature (but can be polarizing)

that’s a term I see alot, could you try to describe polarizing? I have no idea what it means when it comes to audio. or does it literally stop the driver from vibrating?

Ah, I mean it’s polarizing in the sense that some love it and some hate the sound.

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oh, well. That happens with everything. Good to note. Thanks!

It’s just moreso than other headphones and tends to not really have people in the middle-ground

I also noted you stated tube amp. I just placed an order for the little bear B4-x with Balanced. I think it will help as almost everyone says tubes=warmth.

Yes, that is the case. I think if you want to add a bunch of warmth to the 6xx, you could pick up a darkvoice 336se and experiment with some different tubes which would yield even more warmth than the b4-x if you end up liking the sound the b4-x puts out.

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That was my next purchase, lol. My dad has a bunch of tubes he got cheap before he lost his tube amp to water… I have a medium uhal box fill to the top with random tubes to try. Hopefully they are the right style and pin size.

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