Getting used to it-Why you should own multiple headphones

This guy mirrors my thoughts and experiences, check out the video. Post your own experiences.


Yeah I just watched this. I like his style.

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Pretty sure this is how all of us go into this. :smiley:


Each time I switch from my daily driver (ATH-500x) to a headphone that does something better, it helps me notice the nuances.


He was sooo wrong :rofl: :rofl:


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It’s still all about getting


Different headphones do have different sound signatures and I find my preference changes with mood and what music I am listening to. I think things can easily get a bit out of hand but having multiple headphones seems perfectly reasonable. My three regular headphones are my Denon D7200, Nighthawk Carbon and Adam SP5, they are all very different from each other. I also use my Oppo PM-2 and Audio Technica ATH MSR7 a lot. I wouldn’t like to be without any of them.

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A lot of sense in that video. I initially purchased multiple headphones for different purposes. Compact closed back for train travel. Cheaper sturdy closed back for work. Nice open back for tv/movie listening at home and that special headphone for music appreciation times, that I don’t want to wear out too quickly by also using them just for tv. In the process I have picked up a couple of others I have moved on from, and do throw them on every now and then to recall how they sounded.

Completely agree about sound normalising. That was explained well.

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Just saw this thread. Good post that deserves a bump. Having 2 sets of headphones makes me appreciate their own unique signature and what they bring to the music.

The Argons are just fun to drive with a valve amp rolling some different glass thru em. The rumbles and dark smoothness they bring is completely different than my HE6se. Everything just sounds ‘good’ different.

Hell, some music is just more enjoyable with the modded fostex signature than the neutral beast i added to my collection. Could just be my mood this fri nite,

Great to be able to swap different headphones with a SS amp as well as a tube amp with a growing collection of nos & nib tubes Get a different experience with each setup

Damn this rabbit hole.


This my mantra! Variety is awesome.
The funny part is that every time I switch up, I am a little unhappy. :grin:

Then 10 or 15 minutes later I am thinking to myself, “These headphones rock! I need to listen to these more often.”

Of course the funniest thing is when I am two or three days into the Elex’s and I think to myself, “You know, I really only need one set of headphones. I should just get rid off all the others and simplify.” :laughing: