Gettting away cheap - powerful portable amp

Hey all!
Looking for a portable set up.
I looked into a bunch of DAPs and almost pulled the trigger. However, I just can’t stand laggy/clunky interface. The iPod tough 7gen went on sale so I went for it.
Now I’m looking to build a Frankenstein set up.

I’ve ordered the Ikko Zerda to use as a dac - decided between the ikko. Spectra x and dragonfly. But finally settled with the Ikko for convince.

Now, still got the amp spot to fill. I’m looking for a bit of power. 500mW and upwards. Here’s where I need your help!

Need tips for a portable 500mW amp.

Fiio Q5s with am5 module is to expensive for this set up right now and I don’t need the bt features. And if you seen my other threads - I have a Q5s but it is used in another set-up :smiley:

You could try the Topping Nx3s. 545 mw at 32 ohm. I have one and works decent, you can also roll amps if you want to, plenty of info in the net… Around 50€…

To bad ute not avaiable in europe! Seems decent, the older versions didn’t measure very well. But the new one looks like a big improvement!
It will cost me about 99 usd to get it to Sweden. Which isn’t all that bad. Gets some competition of the fiio A5 though.

What about an xduoo xd05?

If it’s in your budget the xd05+ has lots of power to work with

If you could find one, a used ifi idsd micro would be up your alley

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Dude what are you doing up there! Come down to Ibiza, sunny and 15C…:wink:

I actually ordered the xd05+ last night. But changed my mind this morning :rofl: it’s just a bit to big, still want to be able to hold it in my hand. BUT. I will probably order one some day, just love the looks of it! And it seems to perform great!

It’s actually 8c here and sunny! Not a hint of snow. However, 15c sounds just a bit nicer :slight_smile: