Gift exchange ideas

You have $50 to spend on someone that isn’t hooked on hi-fi…yet. What do you give them?

Either ksc75 or kph30i depending on their preference and a blon 03 or t2 depending on their preference (if you can find a good deal on the t2)


The BLON BL03 + Tripowin C8 2Pin 3.5 + TINHIFI Blue Foam Tips Black Friday $50 package on linsoul right now. :+1:

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I have a cousin that comes for Christmas every year, and he’s getting a kph30i from me. He may also be getting some of my lightly used stuff that’s worth a lot more, but I haven’t decided on what yet. I have a Topping NX4, BGVP DM6, m1060, and a Creative X-Fi that I think I will be regifting this year between him and my sister

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I was thinking the TIN T2s actually. I have both the blons and the t2s and even though I personally appreciate the blons more EVERY SINGLE PERSON I showed both to had a just normal reaction to the Blons and a “this is the first time I’ve heard music” reaction with the TIN T2s. I think it’s more your average Joe-friendly

True, but I think it comes down to preference imo, because I think some people may prefer the blon in the long run

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As true as that is. Considering he’s trying to get them into audio I think the t2s might have a way bigger impact. Even though like you said on the long run they might prefer the blons. But I would love to see a social experiment type of thing with the two and see if they get the same reactions as I did. It seems that the clarity and seperation is just a huge eye opener to everyone

I’m kinda thinking KPH 30i, T2, or BL03. Or maybe giving my HE350s a new home since they sell for about $50 second hand. I know these all sound great, but I’m a little worried that the 30i or IEMs won’t look like $50 to the uninitiated. Probably leaning towards T2

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True, it takes most people time to put on the blons by finding the correct side lol. T2s are just ear buds so it’s simpler

Just convince them that the t2 is a modified ier z1r or something lol

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Porta Pros and the matching Yaxi pads. A good starting point for a budding audio enthusiast.