Goal zero Yeti power?

I was prepping for power losses and wanted to ask you smart guys about powering audio gear with an item like the below. It has usb outputs at 5volt 2.1 amp. Is this considered clean power? Similar to those fancy audio grade linear power supplies and wall warts? I have read a tiny bit about folks powering DACs and smaller amplifiers direct from a 12volt battery in order to get the cleanest power possible, could something like this be used?
I’ve got one of these sitting around for use during power outages and truth be told i think in 3 years i used it once, is this Considered a clean source of power?
Curious to hear an educated answer.

Running an LDO of a battery will give your very clean power. Running an MPM3610 off a hamsterwheel will give you something one could confuse for 5V.

In other words: No idea.

This thing is basically a 12 volt battery with a fancy trickle charger built in and a few various outputs. I’ve read old posts on the bigger forums about folks powering parts of their systems off 12volt batteries direct And it simply got me wondering.
I personally don’t have power issues but I get curious sometimes and wonder “what if”. :thinking:

I mean, not many ways to get cleaner DC than batteries (voltage drop and inefficencies aside).

There is a lot of everything in there.


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The open question is how it’s generating the AC and the higher voltages.
The fact it says “Pure Sine Wave” on the front probably means it’s reasonably clean power.

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