🔶 Gold Planar GL400

This is the official thread for the Gold Planar GL400

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: On ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

:red_circle: Linsoul Link


Z Reviews

looks like everything is plastic or vinyl.

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is there any word on price? amp needed…so higher impedance?

80 bucks usd on linsoul, it most likely doesn’t need an amp, lemme fix that (22 ohms 94 db/mw, smaller portable)

A note about the amp needed thing, personally I’m not a fan of it, as imo mostly all headphones will benefit from an amp, and saying an amp isn’t needed might give the notion that it doesn’t benefit from one. There are very few headphones that I would personally say sound close to their best without an amp. Just part of the kinda standardized template so I just keep it there

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I agree…amp is always beneficial, always.

This headphone is so curious. small little planar drivers, on ear.

Anyone hear the GL400C closed version?

BTW what does Б.Л.Я.Д.Ь mean?

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It’s Russian for