🔶 GoldPlanar GL1200

Sorry I’m confused is this your unit or a screen shot of his?

Candidly, I’m intrigued… but not $1400 level of intrigued. That’s one hell of a gamble.

I can agree that Z mentioning that there are a few QC issues in passing doesn’t really feel great at first listen. Although as a counter point; I feel Z had a fantastic set of headphones and that he probably did have a great experience. Its not like he received more than one set to review. I feel the onus is on Linnsoul and the Gold planar brand for essentially producing two different headsets when you take into consideration the overwhelming amount of people not getting what they were promised. I would have felt better if Z did touch on the GL2000 controversy (strictly out of curiosity), but really he put out a review of a product that should be representative of the whole run.

TLDR: Z got a cookie with lots of chocolate chips, raved about how good it tasted, then Gold planar sent out headphones with a quarter of the chocolate and a bit over baked. Cant fault the man for loving cookies.


I think it is fairly obvious that Z got a golden sample or is just a fan of the sound signature. Many people whom I have known and trust have had nothing remarkable to say about the Gold Planar headphones. If I was an even bigger skeptic, I’d bring up the obvious link to linsoul products being shilled left and right…but as of now, I will try to give the benefit of the doubt…for now at least.

Nice tldr lol…

Yeah you’re probably right, and hazi points out as well, that he likely got a headphone he liked and one that gold planar put sufficient effort into. In this recent video however saying we should forget about that ordeal and give them a clean slate? That looks like he’s trying to bring back confidence in a company and distributer that he clearly makes a living on (at least partially) that may or may not deserve it. Does so in a nonchalant confident way too. It rubs me wrong way especially given the gl2k isn’t an inexpensive headphone and the gl12k even less so.


Thanks lol.

I agree with you. Its always a difficult line to straddle with trusting reviewers. Following FCC/FEC guidelines one would hope that each reviewer is disclosing when they are compensated. Z would have to say whether or not he did receive any compensation (ie free headphones to be kept or sold in the yard sale) or he could face fines possibly. I’m not a lawyer or even American for that matter so my opinion and speculations are just that. So in my opinion I do feel he is being honest and transparent with his videos. Really we are all here for the laughs and the entertainment. The best way to avoid being burned is to get lots of reviews together and not jump in on a new product right away.

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Anyone punted on one of these yet?..



*reviews of bought sets by private people who aren’t affiliated with companies in any way. But it’s actually nearly impossible to verify that on the internet, so you might as well return to reviewers which you just semi-trust. And why do actual salesmen even exist?

Absolutely! Right after they recall all of the cans they sold and replace them with sonically identical pairs to Z’s.

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Because a good salesman cares about your issue and sells you a solution to that?

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Im in contact with Linsoul who has some say in GP’s issues. Since they are the main importer. I have been feeding them serial numbers etc to have GP check for things. I can’t make any guarantees right now.

I do love my cookie, but I am not baking them myself and it isn’t every cookie that is lacking chocolate chips. So I believe people in general are getting great headphones.

Trust of my followers is literally all I have. I have sleepless nights when something I praise has wonk when sold and delivered months later.


Exacery! That’s what I do for a living :smiley:

damn, that was great! LoLoLoL!!!

This is why I trust you. I’d be a bit suspicious if you had said you didn’t like cookies :wink:

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This %100. Let other suckers do the hard part and reap the benefits of secondhand hindsight. Also salesmen are there to grab me my demo units damnit! Gotta try it out before I go online to their competitior :smiling_imp:

Mind you I do like haggling with the guy so I can hear the magic words " Sorry I cant go any lower that that price". What a rush!

So maybe this is a dumb question but how do these connect to an amp?

You know that if you heard the song before you can probably get an idea by noticing the difference

I’m inclined to run with this notion rather than my previous one…

I bought mine 2nd hand from someone who didn’t like it, and I was worried that if GP were making inconsistent products (based on the complaints), then it’s possible that this second hand headphone might be disappointing in comparison to what Zeos and BGGAR were describing.

It wasn’t. I haven’t been more surprised by a headphone, particularly at the price point I got it at.

It could be worth asking people who got them second hand to see what their opinion on the GL2000’s are. This could be a way to slightly gauge if these headphones are subjectively divisive or not.

Many people have commented on these cans (and the reviewers) without trying them, which I don’t agree with but I can understand… This is not a profitable hobby for most people. But if I have learned anything about this industry, it’s that people have different tastes that don’t always align with each other.

The GL2000’s seem like “taste” divisive headphones… But when it comes to utility in gaming and movies, these may impress.

Thanks for reading my novice take on the GL2000. I’m keen on seeing how the GL1200 performs.