Goober's Journey Into the IEM Game or "Why Are You Not As Good As....?"

They just messed it up. Michael Bruce puts way more bass into some of his S12 mods without ruining the treble:

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on graph at least, I would say that the upper-treble on the Melody is there to balance the mid-bass to prevent it from lacking air or being muddy. Which on that note does look better than the ones by Bruce IMO. But that is of course purely by the graph as we see it. And iec711 couplers do seem to graph with more upper-treble than on the more accurate BK (something) systems.

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I love graphs, but graphs don’t beat hearing the sound in your own ears. Hearing a set for yourself is undefeated in that way


I am aware, just saying how it looks on graph and what they may have thought.
(then again majority of iems I doubt they actually listened to it themselves let alone graph it…)


Yeah, that’s more a Kiwi Ears thing and not a Riku thing. This is why your buds are better. Can’t graph to a target like an IEM anyway lol. Gotta hear it out

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