Goober's Journey Into the IEM Game or "Why Are You Not As Good As....?"

Got the Ea1000 as well, crazy technical. mega 5est should arrive by monday


I just posted this on my channel and meant it.

"The Juzear Butterfly is a better Elysian Acoustical Labs Pilgrim!
Better bass - Faster tighter, MORE , better texture , technical performance and tonality, stage in both depth and layering.

Will share with track impressions in full review now let’s see how it does up against the M."

I love the Pilgrim but there is others out there that can tune IEM’S as well!


I can see why. Looks fantastic.


WOWOW my perfect bass slope, no tuck, no roll… indeed!


Going to transfer my 10 pages of notes to a video wish me luck going to try and come off as a music lover vs a conductor pumping full steam on a Hype Cho Cho train.

Regardless I love this IEM still have no idea how much but its getting released tomorrow.


Godspeed, sir

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You do you. Sometimes you have to go hard on a new product. Great review on the Onyx Alpha, looking forward to Juzear ButterFLAME review!

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This is excellent!


:100: refreshing. New stuff needs to be compared to old stuff (which is like 4 months difference in this hobby). Especially when so many of us buy used, which changes the price comparison level considerably.


Studio 4 is fantastic. It’s my reference IEM for mids and treble. It just sounds correct. I mixed live sound and a recorded track using Studio 4. The mix came out great! Translates well when heard on monitors.


Dunu x Gizaudio DaVinci or What do you Get the Man Who Already Has Everything?

My tour group buddies have set me up with another of the currently hyped sets, the DaVinci. Lets get into what I think and why you might want this, even when I don’t.

Songs to Listen to and Follow Along:

As usual, I’m going to write my thoughts in generalities, but I’ll give you a sample of songs that I listen to, that will relate to the concepts I write about. Feel free to ask for specifics, if you don’t keep up with my thought processes.


Swashers/Bubbles - Yosi Horikawa (For imaging/detail retrieval (:00-1:00 Swashers), general technicalities check (both), soundstage depth/dynamics/layering/separation (:00-:30 Bubbles))

The Speedwalker (Live at Madison Square Garden) - The Fearless Flyers (For bass elements, particularly sub-bass/mid-bass interplay, drum kits, soundstage/layering)

DISINTER MY HEART - TRAILS (For treble response and resolution, male vocals, midrange response)

Savior - Rise Against (For rock bass elements, male vocals, layering and imaging, treble clarity :38-1:30)

When I Fall (Outta Love) - Kevin Olusola (For Imaging/detail retrieval :00-:07, tonality, timbre, male/female vocal interplay)

Fundamental Elements of Madness - Dax Johnson (For soundstage width 1:10-1:26, piano tonality)

Purple Hat - Sofi Tukker (For vocal separation :40-:47, tonality, male vs. female vocal tonality throughout, sub-bass versus midbass response within mix 1:11-1:32, resolution check 1:11-1:42)

1 Thing - Sophie Powers (For sibilance, harshness/shoutiness, high volume listening check 1:28-2:01)

Wire & Guns - KID DAD (For general tonality (warmth vs. brightness) and note weight :10-:35, for high volume listening 1:34-2:08)

Dusty Blue - Charles Bradley (For soundstage width, imaging and layering :11-:45)

Hide & Seek (Rema remix) - Stormzy (For sub-bass check throughout)

Resynthesis 3D (Binaural Version - Headphones only) - Max Cooper (For bass elements, imaging/layering elements throughout)


Hey Doctor, Can You Give Me Something Stronger; I’ve Tried Everything You’ve Offered, But I’m Still In Pain
Throw Some Ass - Sofi Tukker
(IEM Tuning Style: Warm-Neutral)

What is coming through to me is a variation on the monitor-style tuning, to make it a bit more fun and engaging. DaVinci has more bass emphasis than a lot of neutral monitor-style tunings, especially in the sub-bass. I will disagree with the people whose experience was that the bass was overwhelming; in my experience, I’m getting a heightened amount of bass but not overwhelming. This very well may come down to my general preferences and IEMs I’ve had on hand recently (particularly the Symphonium Titan). DaVinci has a good kick but is not overwhelming when you’ve had the Titan in your ears.

The mids bounce back nicely though, as the midbass is controlled. The transition into the mids is smooth and there’s good note-weight and body. The low-mids aren’t getting the emphasis of Studio 4 or Pilgrim; these mids are more like Titan or Hisenior Mega5P Ultra. Vocals and upper-mids have strong emphasis, without being generally overbearing. The caveat, for me, is at higher volume where sibilance becomes prevalent. Sophie Powers was almost unlistenable at volume.

The treble is…fine. This plays more like a long-listening set for me, than getting strong treble details popping through. On their own it’s a good treble, but when put in direct competition with sets that have a treble profile more to my preference (like KBear Ormosia/Rosefinch, Kinera Celest PhoenixCall) the treble comes up short. The soundstage is decently wide but flatter than the best IEM soundstage I’ve heard. The imaging in that soundstage was pretty good, close to pinpoint, during Resynthesis. There’s good layering/separation, but again short of the elite sets I’ve heard.


  • Generally solid all-around performance
  • Very good bass, particularly as a sub-bass focus
  • Very clear vocals


  • Not a great high-volume experience
    • Prone to sibilance for me
  • Not enough mid-treble for me
    • Doesn’t have the last bit of treble resolution I need
  • Good but not great technicals


  • Someone who wants the set in between the monitor-types (Studio 4/Pilgrim) and bassy Harman-types (Ziigaat twins, EJ07M)
  • Someone who hasn’t jumped into the mid-tier price level and wants a good all-arounder IEM
  • Anyone who is a Dunu-head or wants to support Timmy


  • The people who have been around the block and gone further up the price tree than this
    • New-toy syndrome aside, it’s not beating most of the stuff you already love
  • Someone who needs a higher treble level to get the most of out of their sets
  • Anyone who is sensitive to sibilance needs to be wary and demo first


It means I think Timmy did a good thing, to take the feedback of the community and add the extra bass he did for the production model. This IEM would have been swallowed up if it had tried to be a direct competitor to the Studio 4s and Pilgrims of the world. It doesn’t do that reference monitory style better than them. So taking the next lane over to be a bassier neutral set was a wise choice. I like this much more for having that bit of different flavor and can say that if you’re new to the over-$100 price bracket you can confidently take a look at this one. That said, this is not breaking new ground if you’ve gone in the mid-tier, kilobuck, or higher price brackets and the flaws it has are hitting me in a place that I couldn’t see this surviving in my collection. The monsters and killers I have outpace this. Frankly, KBear Ormosia laps DaVinci for me, and I was enjoying it too much during A/B sessions, which kept me from finishing this faster. So that’s basically the plot: DaVinci is a competent IEM that is not a universal no-brainer purchase, and it doesn’t have a special something for me, that makes me come back to it. It’s good, but that’s not enough for me in 2024. And that’s going to be it for this review. Enjoy your days, and take care till next time!

Rank for Dunu x Gizaudio DaVinci: B
Rank With Personal Bias: B
Recommendation Level: Lukewarm Recommendation Relative to Other Options (Warm-Neutral)
Rank As a Food: Leftover French Fries


I was almost so offended that you equate French fries to a B until I saw they were leftovers :joy:


That is like exactly the feeling I hoped to engender lol


But but I like cold fries


Fragrance lovers can smell coffee beans to reset their noses between sniffs. We just watch our fries get cold as we adjust to a new sound :melting_face: Very much look forward to your thoughts on titan.

Goob’s reviews ranked as food: Candy floss sugar rush


Leftover fries are still good, I am not saying they aren’t lol

I’m pretty sure at this point I won’t be doing a whole write up but my thoughts on Titan boil down to:

  • Big, well done bass
  • Mids are in line with the Symphonium sound. They go pretty similar across Meteor/Crimson/Titan
  • In between treble on the Symphonium spectrum
    • Meteor has better extension
    • Crimson has more quantity
    • Titan is smoother and more well-rounded
  • I didn’t get anything crazy good or bad in the soundstage/technicals. That’s fine, but I’d love more for $999.
  • If I wanted this style, I’d want to go more towards this than a FatFreq set.

Could you describe how you did the air-vent mod on the Rosefinch?

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Hey Goober,

What IEM has currently replaced the Fan 2 as your “gold standard”? (Possibly at $150 or less)

Last p/u was Pula PA02 pre-loved, (a little muddy)

Currently really enjoying TRN ST5 and Simgot EA500 via FIIO KA11 dongle -Samsung phone - Amazon music.

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I could, but that mod is inefficient and not as practical.

Simply changing the nozzle filter is the best mod for Rosefinch.

My personal choices would be if you like ST5, KBear Ormosia (around $50 if you can find the right sales) is an older but totally underrated set. EA1000 is a direct upgrade if you wanted to stay in the Simgot family. Haven’t heard Supermix 4 to judge that. I’m also a fan of Kinera PhoenixCall.

I haven’t heard any of the 2024 hype train sets under $200 (like PA02 or the Meyer Audio sets), or Nova/Chopin so I can’t say much about them. Outside of what my tour group friends share with me to demo I feel no real need to chase many more sets.

I wanna try the TRI I3 Mk 3 though


That graph doesnt look that good in todays standards though.