Good affordable headphones for electronica?

last thread for the day…I promise. :wink:

this time, affordable is the $500 region.

by electronica, I mean dance, trance or the new age stuff like ambient where you get singing and instruments like the blues n jazz with digitized sound thrown into the mix.

by good, I mean where you get enough bass that you’re not left wanting but don’t muddy out the mid-range or treble.

I personally enjoy my Argon mk3 for electronic music. I as also enjoyed the 1more triple driver over-ear headphones for electronic music when I used to own them.

why did you sell the 1more?

I returned mine, very uncomfortable… Pity, they sounded great…

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I sold them because they were more on ear than over. I have big ears, so it didnt quite work. They sounded really good though.

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ahhh…that would explain the comfort thing David mentions. probably very much like the Senn HD440’s I have.

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Yep, my ears hurt after 20 minutes or so…

how long did you give yourself to acclimate to them? it took quite some time for my ears to adapt to the pressure and stop hurting after wearing them for hours. like more than a week…and then my ears stopped aching and I could wear the 440’s with no discomfort at all.

it’s no different than buying a new office chair for your computer. you have new points of contact with the arm rests and you get sore spots…but then you adapt and the ache eventually goes away and you have no more issues with the chair.

To be honest I didn’t give them much time or the return window would have passed. I don’t think I would have gotten over it though.

I like the fostex X-00, for me the purplehearts but I’ve not heard the other 2. Both the mahogany and ebony are also also well liked and would probably sound good for various edm. On the ultra budget side the retros are also really fun booming bass, I still take them off the hook despite having several higher tier options.

If you are going budget the Cal is my pick

I pick the Aiva. Its selling for 475$ right now. my electronic music sounded great in it. if you want cheaper the Sivga P2 is very similar at 400$ but the Aiva sounds best

The aiva is somewhat lacking in bass for edm for the price imo, I think like a fostex ebony would be more satisfactory

The Emu’s are selling on drop right now for 350$ if you want a bassy headphone.

That’s another good pick, similar to the ebony

Oh man, mine should arrive Monday or Tuesday, can’t wait.


Perhaps the Beyerdynamic DT1990? Might be out of price range. There’s also the 177x Go.
I also love my Nighthawk Carbon for this. If I had to pick a favorite so far for the electronic I listen to, it would be the 1More. Really unique and fun sound. But if you want something a little more oriented towards jazzy stuff, I would say the DT770 250 ohm takes the edge for me.

I would not use the 1990 for electonica unless you wanna hurt yourself. It’s too bright a headphone for most

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It’s fairly harsh and on certain tracks it might get a bit bad lol

Ah okay.
Usually I like a good V shaped headphone for electronic. I have heard some people say they can be harsh at times though.
Maybe the 770 is a better option.