Good amp for efficient headphones?

Looking for suggestions for an interesting amp for efficient headphones, under $1,000.00.

I have one SS amp (Violectric V220) and one hybrid amp (iFi Pro iCAN).

Maybe a tube amp? Just looking for idea’s about something different. Maybe something to use as a pre-amp?

Thanks for any suggestions.

How about a Gishelli product? That might be fun.

Or how about a Flux FA-10 Pro?

I never thought of the Geshelli amps or the Flux amps as being unique or different? What would you say gives them their different sound signature?

I have not heard products from either company.

they are more neutral than neutral!

Not what I would be looking for then. I find the Pro iCAN to be pretty neutral and the V220 to be pretty warm. I am looking for something warm or fun.

how is a hybrid neutral?

I wonder if maybe a dedicated tube preamp would be in order for your goals.

In SS mode it is flat neutral, to me. In tube mode it is just a little bit tubey. Tube+ gives you a bit more, but not Very coloured at all. I prefer it in tube mode vs SS all the time, but that could just be in my head.

I found the LP to be a little more coloured, depending on the tubes used, but closer to neutral than tubey.

That has been my experience anyway.

I wonder about that.


I was talking to a guy about trading for that the other day. We couldn’t work out a deal, but I have always been curious about that amp.

I should add that I looked hard at this amp before I bought the LP. And then again before I bought the V220.

For tube amps I’ll throw in the Feliks Echo 2,Woo Audio wa6,and of course the Quicksilver.

All three do nothing wrong for the money.
Another option would be the Bottle Head crack but not really my cup of tea.
Wavetheory reviewed the Cayhin here in the forum.

Whether the Ify is really a hybrid amplifier is a bit doubtful.
I think it’s more of a technical innovation that they’ve tried.
Otherwise, the Woo Audio Firevlies is a hybrid amplifier that Z review’s recently reviewed, but it costs $1400.

Great suggestions, but all a little pricey for me.
I watched that new Zeos review. It looks awesome, but would be about $2K landed, in Canada. I see that the second gen. is a pretty good price though. I have never heard a Woo amp.

I don’t have the headphones for the Crack.

I find the iFi stone neutral. The only reasons that I bought it, and keep it, are three fold:

  1. Insane power
  2. Bass Boost
  3. 3D sound effect
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yes didn’t mean to rage against Ify, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
On the contrary, I think it’s brave and if it’s good, it’s all good.
What is the approximate cost of $500 to import into Canada?
Just to get a feeling for it.
You would do the least wrong with the Woo and Quicksilver.

There is also the Little Dot Mk2-3-4-5 and maybe the mk 3 Se.
I would distance myself from the Dark voice Xudoo.
The Xudoo is supposed to be a copy of the Dark Voice, and the Dark Voice likes to have a humming sound and high prices for tube rolling.

An alternative would be 1101 Audio, which still has something and is based in Canada.
But he is supposed to be quite booked up.
On Ebay you can still find Eufonika.
This is a handmade Otl from Poland with good results and a very reasonable price.

There’s also Tor audio for tubes under 1 grand.

edit: ifi also just came out with the zen can version for the meze 99’s. might be something to look at for efficient headphones.

You are a man of many suggestions! :+1: Thank you.

I do love my iFi, for the reasons mentioned above.

I just sold a Little Dot MKIII a few weeks ago.
I have looked hard at the Crack, the Dark Voice, the Eufonica’s, etc. All of these companies recommend a minimum Ohm rating of 100 Ohms for the headphones used. I currently own ten sets of headphone and have two of them up for sale. And will likely move more.

Right now I am working with:

GH2’s = 32 Ohm @SPL of 99.8
Freq. range of 14Hz - 28Khz

Elex’s = 80 Ohm @ SPL of 104
Freq. range of 5Hz - 23Khz

Cascade’s = 38 Ohm @ SPL 100
Freq. range of 5Hz - 33Khz

HE6se V2’s = 50 Ohm @ SPL 83.5
Freq. range of 8Hz - 65Khz

LSA HP-2’s = 33 Ohm @ SPL 116
Freq. range of 10Hz - 50KHz

Elegia’s = 35 Ohm @ SPL of 105
Freq. range of 5Hz - 23Khz

T5’s = 32 Ohm @ SPL of 100
Freq. range of 5Hz - 50Khz

T60 Argon’s = 50 Ohm @ SPL 92
Freq. range of 15Hz - 35Khz

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Thanks, I forgot about the Tor! Never see them used though.
I don’t think any iFi amp could beat the iFi that I have now.

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Hey Shane,
You’re welcome.
Your statement is true.
I struggle with similar problems.

The thing about Otl amps is that they prefer a certain ohm range and have their ideal working point there.
But sometimes they still don’t have enough power.
A classic example is the Feliks Euforia or Elise, which would be wonderful, work well but are just weak on the chest.
And they also have problems driving planar headphones even if they only have 30-60 ohm.
But doable,my Euforia amp needed a tube change to get where you want.
A Vcap capacitor rounded the whole thing up and made it better.
But as you can see it costs extra so it is suboptimal but doable and ready for it.

The Woo Wa6 seems to suit you better with all the headphones you own.
It’s also designed to handle low ohm headphones and drive with enough power.
Otherwise, this can only be done with a custom build where it is specifically mentioned.
Most tube amplifiers are not designed in this way.
If they are, there are very few where the Cayin also plays along.
If there is nothing in the description that says they are low ohmic operable, then pay attention to the output power at 32 ohm should be 400 mw the minimum.the higher the better of course so it also makes fewer problems.

Otherwise, there is not much on the market for $1000 at the moment.
Otherwise, I still have this one.

I had my custom hybrid amplifier built there for similar money and am very happy with it.
You might have to wait a bit until it’s built.
You’d have to ask beforehand by email if it’s interesting.

Cool and a decent price. I am not in any rush and will keep looking’ and learnin’.

Just looking for interesting idea’s.

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Schiit Vali 2+