Good audio reviewers and ones to stay far far away from

I always wear my 7hZ Salnotes Zero with the wire behind my head, like a drummer, because the separate wires are so short after the Y junction in the cable. Behind the head is the only way they’ll fit me.

Weird at first, but I got used to it.

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This gave me a proper laugh - thank you for this :rofl:

I wear my iems cable behind when in bed: it avoids me being strangled by the cable when I fall asleep on them.

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Not the worst way of dying though! :smile:

Zeos and DMS get a shout out…


Hopefully this is changing, or maybe they just have a low opinion of me :rofl:

That is their MTPro planar IEM in Deep Purple (I’ve switched to Spinfit tips since this photo was taken). I’m winding down the review efforts and will be filming soon I think. Stay tuned!

I 'spose soon I should make them their own proper thread too…

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@WaveTheory Considering Meze 109 pro too. Soon?

Apos has promised a review unit. There was an issue with the first one they wanted to send me. When another becomes available it should be sent here.


Just found this tiny reviews channel: NyVo Reviews

I like the focus and the density of usable information wrt. source pairing and also comparisons to similar models. I just found out new things from his review that I hadn’t heard from much larger channels, e.g. that the Ed.XS already sounds impressive out of an Apple dongle.


Favorites are Thomas and Stereo, New Record Day, Jay’s Iyagi, Steve Gutenberg, GoldenSound, Cheapaudioman.

I watch Z mostly for the entertainment value.

Darko has quality reviews to but I find his pretentious voice difficult to endure.

He’s not a reviewer but I always watch Paul McGowan’s videos because he’s just a sweet old man with such enthusiasm for audio.


I have a lot of respect for Precogvision, he is one of the few genuine IEM reviewers around.

Also like Super Reviews, Crinacle, Gizaudio, HBB, RikudouGoku, baskingshark and nymz.

I’d avoid dsnuts, redcarmoose , Audiophile Heaven, audio123 and headfonia.

You know shills by their scores, anyone who hands 4 and 5/5s like candy is a salesman.


Check better in the Penon thread, because there are other promoters that are working for Penon/ISN. Look at users that are spending all the day posting photos of Penon(both iems and cables)/ISN/Sound Rhyme/Aur Audio. You can see that they are shilling all the days on those brands. They are literally working for those brands. Those users are not trustable. And one of them is pasting his reviews here too (pasting link to the head-fi reviews).

Love Currawong’s review. I feel like I learn something from his amp reviews. His deadpan opening always cracks me up.

I also like amp and source review by GoldenSound.

Even though (or maybe because) I review IEMs, I don’t usually watch IEM reviews. I like the IEM review of the older gentleman who sometimes appear on GizAudio. He used to talk about IEM actually work in professional settings (on stage).

Making audio review video is hard. When I translate my written review into video format, it’s 45 minutes, which even I feel bored. When I cut for entertainment, I feel like all the necessary details are lost.


Yep I’ve learnt a lot from Amos too :+1:


Excited discovery today… Damir Franc was always one of my favorite tech reviewers, I just noticed he does IEMs now… maybe has for a while!

Damir Franc - YouTube

I’m excited to catch up on a few and see where his preferences lie. I might leave it running in the background while I grade to help revitalize my German comprehension. He does remake some videos in English too though.

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It’s true that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hobby where people dole out the kind of abuse you see regularly in audio. (Though I’m not a gamer and I’ve heard some gaming spaces can be cancer.) Like I was in a Discord once where someone was asking why a dongle DAC had a 4.4mm output. And someone else explained it’s a balanced output, and immediately the questioner just started spouting not just about how balanced is bullshit, but actual slurs and insults to all the people trying to explain what it was for. (He was quickly banned, but I’m only in the kind of Discord servers where someone like that would be banned; there’s others where he would not be.) Like it’s a fucking dongle DAC. Someone says in a YouTube video that they hear a difference with cables and from the comments you’d think they murdered someone’s dog or something. Why would you want to be an audio reviewer in such an environment? I’d rather eat iron nails.


some people just can’t be wrong and they lose it if you even suggest they are :slight_smile: