Good bluetooth source for Windows?

Ok so I have a headphone setup I like that you guys helped me get before. (schiit stack, hd6xx)
Sometimes I like to use my bluetooth headphones on Windows (I have the bose qc35II and Sony xm4). Do you guys have a suggestion to get good connectivity on bluetooth headphones on windows. I’m looking for something USB that just shows up as an audio device and broadcasts a reliable bluetooth signal. My laptop bluetooth is awful and so is the one built into my desktop.


The only option if you want LDAC is the fiio BTA30

Thanks, that looks similar to what I was hoping to find.

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Back in December you mentioned that the BTA30 would not do LDAC if you were using USB, only SPDIF. Just curious if that’s still the case or if firmware updates have resolved the limitation.

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It is a hardware limitation not software

They have released a BTA30 Pro which does LDAC over USB now.