Good budget bluetooth closed back?

So I have upgraded phones from my Galaxy S9 to a Galaxy S20 FE…which means I have sadly given up my headphone jack.

Looking for something good an Bluetooth, since I am not a fan of the dongles and don’t want to carry a transmitter if I can avoid it (though I’m probably getting a BTR5 at some point anyway).

Just seems like most things under $150 (at least!) are going to sound worse than my KPH30is.

Want to find something closed back (or maybe even IEM, whether “True Wireless” or not) that just sounds…good.

I’m pretty crappy at describing audio characteristics, but m favorite headpones I own are my 1More Triple Driver Over Ears, and I’ve been a fan of the BLON BL-03s too.

Picked up some Marshall Major IIIs, and while they’re inoffensive, they daren’t the most comfortable thing ever (though not terrible), and if I listen to something on the KPH30i and then switc hto these, I’m just disappointed.

I almost picked up a set of the PortaPro wireless, but I don’t like the PortaPro sound as much as the KPH30i (I prefer a bit more on the high end). I also like the sound of my SIVGA SV009s, if that’s helpful.

Where should I be looking? I guess Zeos was pleased wit the MPOW H21 as a combination of build quality and sound, and the SHIVR just for sound quality, but is there anything else people like under $150?

I’ll be using these near people at work so I need closed back, but I don’t care about noise cancelling.

If it has to be bluetooth, possibly K371 BT? Just a little over budget at $179. Otherwise, you could always do something like a BTR5 or ES100, or even a dongle DAC/amp to open up your options to include wired.

Oh yeah, I’d been meaning to look into the wired version of those and the 361s anyway.

Thanks, I’ll be checking them out!

You could look into the MU6 Space2. I don’t know if the code Zeos had still works or not, but if you can catch it on a $20% off, along with the code (again, provided it still works), comes out to less then $150 shipped

I like the BTR5 + K371. You could combine the BTR5 (or 3 or ES100) with a Takstar Pro 82, which you can get for around $40.

I missed the Space2, I’ll have to check that one out.

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