Good (cross-platform) media player software

Hi all,

Today I started ripping my cd’s since I want to try and get away from Spotify. I find that Spotify’s interface just pulls to the music I listen to most often and I don’t have as much variety in my listening as I would like.
So I’m looking for some software to listen to my ripped cd’s (ripped them as FLAC files) that has a nice interface. Basically what I’m looking for is how an iPod/iTunes used to work, where you just scroll through artists , select an artist to get the album’s and then select an album to see the songs.
I looked at foobar2000 since it’s cross-patform (mostly listening on Linux and Android) but I found it pretty confusing.
Any suggestions? I looked at audirvana briefly but it’s not available on Linux.


My half cent opinion is VLC (Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN). It is not for managing your media, you will need something else for that (MusicBee, iTunes, etc.). But it will play a the common audio files.

Also there is also a Linux thread floating around here somewhere. I believe it has some audio player suggestions.

Personally, to move off Spotify I just recently put all my audio collection into Plex. For mobile I use PlexAmp (PlexPass required). Otherwise I just use a web browser.

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What software did you end up going with?

I’m looking to move away from Foobar on Windows. Anyone else have suggestions? I need something with good playlist management and a dark mode.
All my Foobar playlists broke after I moved my library location. …and it doesn’t provide any means of fixing them.

try this, might help you, at least it used to work well for that

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Thanks I’ll try that. I must have missed that one when I was browsing the add-ons list.

Edit: Apparently the only way to get a decent dark mode in foobar is the change your windows theme. Which is dumb. So suggestions are still welcome. Right now I’m looking at Music Bee and Media Monkey.

I might be one of the few in here that uses MusicBee, but I find it very user friendly and there are plenty of dark themes to choose from. As for playlist management, I can’t speak to that as I don’t really make playlists because lazy about it. Here is the wiki for MusicBee playlists.

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forgot this was not your op so tagging you now @marcgii in case seeing me setup helps to get a feel of what you can do

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I gave up and stuck with Spotify. I calculated it would cost me a couple of grand to go out and purchase my library in FLAC files and I couldn’t find a decent player anyway.

In case you need something else to attempt to fix your playlists you can take a look at


Thanks for this information about player.