Good enough or could I do better?

I’ll keep looking around then! Any other options other than Denon?

Specially make and model if possible please

The reason for those specific denons is that they measured well with the internal amp and through the rca preouts. The current model 3700 has an internal amp disconnect feature effectively making it a $1000 7.1.4 prepro AVR. 7.1.4 atmos IMAX enhanced room correction app and price point is the AVR to get.

could go with used yamaha RX-V685 or TSR-700 $449 amazon renewed. But my advice would be to save and keep looking for the denon to pop up. You can build around the denons.

How are you feeding signal to the receiver optical in ?

Sorry my replies are spotty, I’m juggling a lot of things at once.

I’m not sure how it’s being wired in. My dad did it for me so I didn’t get a chance to look at the back. I’ll check for you later but I’m pretty sure it’s the optical cable to the optical outlet to my TV and that’s it

Also found a x3500h for 580. Should I be only looking for 3600 and up?

The TV 4k ? Its a bad habit to future proof but im trying to future proof your setup. You got surround sound to get by so yes keep hunting for a 3600/3700 were coming up on a year for the 3700, with the lost year chip shortage HDMI 2.1 debacle new models from the other brands these denons might be all over the 2nd hand market.

The TV is 4K and I definitely want to future proof my setup! I’ll keep an eye out for them!

Ok, feel more confident suggesting upgrading the AVR first then L/R speakers expand to 7.1.1

stop watching Linus “i think 5% performance uplift for $600 more is a good deal” Sebastian is a good start.

Who is this towards? Lol

look at your first post.

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Well I’m not only looking for a performance gain, I’d like to have features too. Spotify is what I mainly use, and I watch a lot of movies.

I don’t know where the notion of me watching Linus is from. I do watch him but what did he have to do anything? Instead of belittling or whatever, maybe inform me since I’m new to the hobby?

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sorry it was a joke. But just to give context. Nvidia released the rtx3080ti to gas light consumers into thinking its performance should cost $1200, when in most cases it was 5% better than the $700 rtx3080. Linus peddled their bullshit with fallacious justifications, while the rest of the gaming press saw through Nvidia’s bullshit (at least this time, the horrendous pricing of the 2000 series was somehow speared)

this has nothing to do with your set up. Just me talking shit.

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It’s cool, just gotta word it better or come off as less aggressive

About that 3080ti though… price is hella high imo. I’m lucky I got my 5900x and 3080 for retail and I don’t plan to upgrade in the near future.

My only “real” audio setup isn Topping D50s, Monolith 887 THX AMP and HD660S

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Same, i got a 3080 at retail. I was put on an waiting list, so i was patient. Lucky too, as lots of people got theirs cancelled. The must cruel part of it all is even at retail price, the 3080 and 3070 are average cards, which if it wasn’t for the appalling pricing of the 2000 series, would be in line with every other series since the gtx 400’s.

As to actually answer your question, I think your set up is fine for causal listening. If you can get a microphone to measure for room nodes (where certain frequencies are much higher or lower in volume due to room gain) you can get a very smooth frequency response. You would only need something like a minidsp microphone which costs $70 and already has the digital interface inside of it. But you will need you computer as the music player source. Its quite easy so long as you have a tutorial like this But if you dont notice any boominess or harshness form your listening position, the i would just leave it for now and think about upgrading the left and right to something more substantial later. Some acoustic treatment like foam panels would always help if you are noticing too many reflections at loud volumes (thought only for high frequencies, dsp is the only practical way to treat base nodes).

i would also move the speakers onto stands and about 1.5 or more into the room. That would help a lot if its possible for you to do.

Sorry late reply, was busy. I’d also like to get a more modern AVR for its new features too. I use Spotify ALOT. So it would just be nice.

With my current AVR, it seems to cut audio out for a second or two and pops back in. I don’t know what the issue could be.

And I’m going to be looking into building my own speakers for the fun of it :slight_smile:

What do you think of the Denon AVR-X4000?

I wouldnt getting anything older than denon X3600H , 4500. Marantz 6015 7015 higher 2020-2021 models good to go . The 6014 and marantz higher models of that year 2019 earlier dont measure well by ASR/audioholics.

But if you can afford getting a “beater” AVR with the intention of upgrading down the line. Find something with 4k HDMI dolby/vision atmos will work.

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