Good enough or could I do better?

Currently I’m running a Devon AVR-2800 with 5 speakers and a subwoofer.

The 5 speakers is the center speaker and the front 2 and rear 2 speakers. I’m not so sure on the model but it’s from Polk Audio. That also goes for the subwoofer.

My dad bought it a long time ago so I was wondering if they are good enough for movie watching and YouTube.

I will ask more questions or answer any questions to get the best help I can from you enthusiasts

Try to find a identical sub.

What do you mean “find an identical sub”?

Find the exact same sub, 2 is better than 1.

Ahhh okay, I’ll look for it but I don’t need to upgrade my subwoofer?

I’m just curious how well my dads old audio setup holds up to today.

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How big is the woofer and wattage ? When did dad buy the system? Share some specs.

Oh man, I don’t even know when he bought it. Estimate is around 10-15 years ago but I found the subwoofer model.

RM7500 Subwoofer

These are personal preferences always. :slight_smile:
If you feel they are enough and are not missing anything. They are good enough.
You can watch movies or series and if everything sounds ok.
Why would want to upgrade or change something?

But if you want more a “movie experience” type of loudness.
Different sounding speakers.
More surround effects etc.
More rumbling bass and how the bass fill’s up the room.
Then no. They aren’t enough.

OOf thats a while. Forget what i said about the sub they have a shelf life like the reciever. Think about going with overhead channels for more sound effects. I personally enjoy getting spooked by the audio. My suggestion is upgrading the AVR.

I’ll look into it! I just don’t know where to start haha. I JUST got into audio

You got speakers and a sub to play with id go with a newer AVR denon 3600/3700 will give room to grow the system.

I’m going to look for it on the used market to find it cheaper. I know the 3700 is an updated version of the 3600.

If i can be more specific. I’m looking to build a decent home theater setup in my bedroom. I’m thinking ideally a 5.1 setup is best for a bedroom with no sound treatment behind the drywall. (I’m going to add sound panels to my room but that’s for a totally different reason but I don’t know if it helps.) I want to spend $400 EACH on a new AVR, speaker and sub woofer.

For the AVR, as I stated, I’m looking for 5.1 but I would also want compatibility with Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, and I have Movies in a Portable Hard Drive so maybe USB connection? I know AVRs output video but I haven’t done enough research YET on it. Using Siri as well would be a bonus.

For speakers and sub woofer, I wouldn’t know what to even look for. I don’t know if the tall speakers are good or the bookshelf sized ones are. I would trust best judgement from more knowledgeable audiophiles.

Do you like the sound with the speakers you got now ?

My suggestion would be to find a denon 3600 or 3700 and build from there. These 2 AVRs can do 7.1.4 atmos and imax enhanced. 7.1 is better than 5.1, assume you live in the US. Getting speakers on the cheap wont be a problem.

With the info you gave seems like its 50/50 movies/music. Right now my HT left/right speakers are pair of neumi center channels $69 each x 2. Sound pretty good for $140 front channels.

Spend on the AVR.

I’ve been warned I’d get “comb filtering” i.e.: audio sounding like there’s a “flanger” if I’d put my speakers like that – assuming the L/R front and rear stay on top of each other like that and just play the same things all the time (stereo audio “copied”).

Anyway if you want 5.1 audio (or more), try this:

If it’s only to be used for 5.1 audio, 90% of the sound will come from the center channel. So spend your money on that. These little Polk speakers will only do “atmosphere” sounds and could just be perfect for that.

Then, play 5.1 sources and… do you feel like you’re “there”, do you feel like people are in front of you, do you hear the room/studio sounds? If not, you can upgrade other things if you want. :grin:

If it’s for 2-channel (stereo music, stereo youtube videos, etc.), you might want to upgrade the front L/Rs instead.

I’ll see if I can find either one on the used market! It is mostly for movies, music and YouTube. Thank you

Oh! My setup current is temporary because I’m still setting up my room haha.

Okay so I need to spend more on a center speaker, I’ll do more research

I would vote for getting the biggest center you can find but if this is going to be a bedroom all around system invest in the AVR and left/right speakers.

Will the bed be facing the TV ? If so i would invest in the AVR and the L/R speakers. Spread the L/R apart, play with speaker placement.

You could go with a yamaha AVR costco had a sale on the V6A for like $400.

Hey! Apparently I’m very stupid and have been looking at the “H” models of the 3600 and 3700…

I have a budget of $500 on new or used market so I want to make the most of it.

If you can find a denon x3600h but dont think it works with the $20 audyssey app.
When the 3700 came out the 3600 on amazon went on sale for $899.00.