Good extension cable?

I just ordered my first pair of good headphones in the Tygr 300r. Coming from the original Playstation Gold headset, this will be a major upgrade. However, until I get an amp around Christmas (it will be on the list once I decide on one), the Tygrs will be plugged directly into the motherboard. Which brings me to my issue:

My computer sits on the right, but the Tygr’s cable comes out of the left. So my plan was to have the cable run under my desk and come out on my left side to keep the cable somewhat out of the way. However at 1.6m it is not long enough. Sadly, since the Tygr’s do not have a detachable cable, it seems that I am stuck with getting an extension if I want to make this work.

I am completely new to all of this. So a couple of questions:

  1. Will extensions mess with the sound at all?
  2. Is there a length limit that I want to avoid?
  3. Any recommendations? This will only be used until I get an amp, so cost effective would be great.

In theory yes, in practice, it shouldn’t.

Depends. Line level and Headphones I’d say under 10m (= 30ft), Balanced and speakers max 30m (= 90ft)

I have a Cordial CFM 5VK, it is a 6.3mm to 6.3mm extension though.

IIRC Beyerdynamic makes a headphone extension (3.5mm male to 3.5mm female, 3m (= 9ft) long).

Sadly those seem to be out-of-stock at the moment in their NA store. I found some other places that sell them but they are all in Europe and the shipping was more than the cable itself.

Would something like this work?

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Yes, that should work just fine.

I had some bad luck with a couple of cheaper extensions I got from amazon, the connectors ground shield came loose, it looks like it was crimped on when the connector was manufactured.
I ended up going with these

Neutrik NP3X-B is 6.3mm (= 1/4") though, OP asked for 3.5mm

Found a trustworthy 3.5mm extension:

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I’ve decided I need a good extension cable for my Diana v2. Wondering if anyone knows of a good 4-pin XLR cable I might use. I’m seeing two options on Amazon.


Any others? Thoughts or opinions?

I mean, I suppose I could drop $2k on the JPS Superconductor cable, too. But I doubt I need gold plated monochrystaline cable. makes good cables. I have several and also purchased a extension xlr to xlr… To quote Henry Ford, Any color you want as long as it is black!

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