Good headphone upgrade from Akg K701?

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I have been using an AKG k701 for 2 years and would like to replace it. I would like to keep some of the things I like about the K701.
1 open headphones
2 A soundstage equal to or better than that of the K701 ( wide and deep )
3 Neutral headphones but not as analytical as the hd800, k712, k701 ) something more lively.
4 comfort obvious

I listen to everything except rap and metal.
I don’t care about the impedance of the headphones ( hello Beyer t1 ) or the dac ( I intend to change them according to the headphones ).

For the budget: $ 600 second hands

I hope you can help me! :slight_smile:

Bye ! :grinning:

if you want to dip your toes into the plarar game for liitle money the hifiman he400se are a no brainer, if you have a amp that can deliver the needed voltage
should give you what you want with decent punch and stage
otherwise a hd 6xx would be a nice 2nd hp to get a more warmish midrange can, maybe hasnt the best stage but imagin is suprisingly good imo compared what one reads online
otherwise second hand a edition xs maybe even a nano se could be picked up with a bit of patience

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Thank you for your response :+1:

As for the he400se, I don’t think it will offer me a wide enough soundstage. And for the price of the he400se I think it would be better to put a little more to take eg a Sundara

Otherwise I found a hifiman ananda stealth for 399 used otherwise new it costs 449. it’s a good deal ?
The edition XS is not comfortable

hm did look at hifishark and prices are 3-400 bucks, so decent i would say
if you have time you could also look if the ananda nano has some good sales