Good headphones for immersion?

I play a lot of RTS, RPG-ish and horror games especially, so I don’t need to hear footsteps, I just want to feel like I’m sucked into it, with a big soundstage. I have a Soundblasterx ae-5 in my pc, I’m looking for something open-back, and I want to cap it at $250 or $300. I really feel like I’m at square-one, there are so many conflicting recommendations on the internet and it doesn’t always seem like they know what they’re talking about, or that they’re just sucking up to their favorite brand.

So, all that said:

I’m looking for a nice happy soundstage and a fun sound in an open-back pair. My goal is immersion. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: I’m very much a beginner here.

fidelio x2 hr’s are my favorite for this purpose but akg k7xx could fit as well as the he 4xx/400i/sundara if found on sale or used as that soundstage and layering is pretty damn immersive on these planars