Good Headset for Hunt: Showdown

Hello everyone. I am honestly not sure what I am looking for exactly as I don’t understand a lot of the lingo here yet. I’m no audiophile that’s for sure. I know I need Over the ear, because I sometimes wear my hearing aids with my headset. & I think I want closed back, so my wife doesn’t complain about my game being loud, but I’m not entirely sure about that. I wouldn’t know what to look for as far as an amp/dac are concerned if I had to buy it separately from the headset, so I would prefer a headset that I could just plug in & play. I have used the Steelseries Arctis pros & really liked them, but I feel like you guys would know if there was something better I could use. Am I just better off getting another pair of Arctis Pros?

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Quick question what’s your budget?

Oh, sorry. I would probably not want to spend more than about 450 USD

I think a good starting point might be the beyerdynamic tygr 300r, they are open back (though they dont leak sound too badly), they have a good soundstage and imaging (meaning you get a sense of the space and the direction that sounds come from). If you are dead set on a closed back maybe something like the HIFIMAN HE-R7DX, they arent ideal but they are better than a lot of closed back, better bass but less sound stage and imaging.

Also there is the tried and true Cooler Master MH 751/752 (they are the same headphone its just that with the 752 you get a little USB DAC), great headset, really comfy, good overall sound but a little outdated

All of the options are very easy to drive so no need for an amp/Dac.
And if you want a mic you can get the combo unit with the TYGR or get a wireless mod mic to stick it on the side.

Thank you so much. I think since knowing the direction of sounds is so important in a game like hunt, soundstage/imaging is much more important than open or closed back. I’ve seen the tygr 300r listed in other threads, but like I said previously, I’m no audiophile, so I didn’t know if I would need an amp or dac or anything & they’re much cheaper than my budget allows.

How would you compare the soundstage/imaging of the MH752 to the Tygr 300r?

You dont need an amp dac for the TYGR, though it does benift from using it, so dont sweat it

That being said something like an IFI zen Dac (If you can get a V1 because its cheaper) that would be a very nice addition, the bass boost option is very nice, it it helps if you ever want some more power hungry headphones.

For gaming , you can get a great experience without going too crazy, you need clear and good directionality, that gives you a immersive experience. For music or movies with a lot more “flavor” that’s another story :smiley:

And the 752 is a solid headphone but its a closed back meaning its at a disadvantage when talking imaging and sound stage compared to an open back like the tyger (there exceptions where some closed back mange match and even exceed certain open back but this is not one of cases)

BTW another solid option is the Harmonicdyne Zeus, that however i’d say is less for competitive gameplay (though it does have very good sound stage), its more for immersive gameplay and is a lot more “fun” kind of headphone, also great for music (and and amp is not a must :smiley: )

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Throw on a modmic for them… if need power get a cheap apple dongle dac for them call it a day… open backs don’t leak that much sound less your standing rather close to the person listening with them

agreed this or go with the DT 770 or if deadset on specifically a HEADSET go for the mmx300… its the dt 770 but in headset form with low ohms so no amp needed usually

not for hunt unfortunately… zeus kinda falls apart with this games sound engine

751 and 2 over there are a cheap very usable standard point for a gamer… as they are pretty much the best closed back you can get within a super cheap budget… however soundstage on the tygr exceeds that of the mh752 over there by atleast 75% or to the point its extremely noticeable… Tygr is a redone up DT 990 just with more filter/dampening… its capable of extreme laser imaging and a spacious stage which performs well in pretty much every gaming category… its one of the top 3 I would encourage any gamer to use if they can afford its setup(less your a bass head or lover of the mid frequencies)

Agreed that why i said its for more immersive games - God of war for example sounds amazing on them

oh absolutely, very fun headphone to use