Good matching headphones for Topping L30/E30 stack

Hi. So iv been searching around the never ending internet, for like 3-4 days watching youtube videos, Google searching and so on. And now I ended up here <3. And this forum is an interesting place and I like it! So to make a long story short. I’m thinking about upgrading my sound rig for my computer. (well I already decided). And I’m 99% sure that I will get the Topping E30/L30 stack…

But the headphone market is a jungle. I have some different cans in mind. - Sennheiser HD 660s - Beyerdynamic mmx 300 v2 - Sivga Phoenix - Hifiman Sundara and more. (Please keep in mind I live in Denmark.
The stock of -can I say ‘’ exotic headphones’’? are very limited here. But luckily I can shop in the rest of the European union with limited VAT. But stuff from DROP is off my list. Cause it doesn’t really make any sense. When you add shipping and VAT.) Sorry had to get all that BS of my chest.

The problem is. I saw a YouTube video and in the video the guy said. That the topping 30 stack on some headphones (I can’t remember the exact words) but he’ s talking about some headphones, will maybe having trouble Reaching its full potential (they will produce sound but the stack is holding them back). So now I’m worried/lost about what headphones sub 350$ is good for the stack?

I’m gonna use the headphones for 50% gaming 25% watching YouTube video and 25% listening to music. And I hope to increase the amount Of music listening.

Any ideas?

Hmmm yes, if this is what the You tuber meant I would say that the Dac you have chosen is good, but the headphone amp is not.
Since the L30 is relatively new on the market, reviews are still a little scarce.
It may be that the L30 does not like every headphone.

If your headphones break, you can look again for the right one.
I would have said spontaneously take another headphone amplifier.

Have a look in the search for Falkentor gaming guide.
Maybe there is something better for you if you are more the gaming type.

Spontaneously I remember the Beyerdynamic Custom game.
Of course the Mmx300 should not be different from the Dt 770.
There is the idea to buy it with a separate microphone. :wink:
Otherwise if you like the Sennheiser, don’t go for the Massdrop series but the original Hd 650 or what you have seen.

For headphone amplifiers the Jdsl labs Atom or the Schiit is a good choice.
It would be in your area right now.


You cannot really go wrong with Sennheiser HD600 - probably one of the most widely used headphones for professional mixing engineers. HD650 if a bit more “commercial sound”.

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New here, but I do have this stack so I thought I’d chime in.
I currently use it with my pc for either my Philips x2hr or Beyerdynamic DT880 (600) for pretty much everything you said, albeit more music listening.
I don’t really have problems playing music with the DT880 or getting it to a comfortable listening level on high gain. So I’m sure you’ll be okay with the choices you have listed. Take note though that my experience is limited when it comes to source so what may sound good and acceptable to me, maybe lack luster to those with more experience.

I hope that helps!

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Regarding the comment on the stack holding you back. Both of those units measure exceptionally good, so I would not be too worried.



Thanks for all the good inputs! I really appreciate it!
I ordered the topping 30 stack. I believe it’s a good starting dac/amp combo. Especially based on the thing you guys said :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to choose a pair of headphones based on YouTube reviews. And I really think it’s hard based on that because. Everyone has a different opinion/tast, on how they like the soundsignetur to sound like.
And what’s makes it the most difficult, In my opinion is that almost everyone give you the impression, that they really it.
But then they start comparing it to another headphone. (I totally understand that. That’s just how I it is. And how it should be).
But for me its like going around in circles. Its like ‘‘X Is good but Y is better ‘’ and then you watch a review on the other one and then again ‘’ Y is good but Q is better’’. So in the end you gotta consider you budget and kind of take a chance really xD

So I ended up ordering the Sennheiser HD 560s based on my budget. And based on mostly positive reviews. And in most of the reviews they are comparing it to the Hifiman Sundara. Where I live it’s almost double the price + I’m not really in to how it’s designed.

Again thanks for your help


I think the Sennheiser HD560s will be pretty awesome - really good reviews. Congratulations. :slight_smile: