Good microphone for gaming if using real headphones

My Current setup i use a pair of DT 990 Premium 600 OHM headset with just a sony mic cliped to the cable. Audio is really good and clean. Only issue is cable is about 4 feet. If you need longer get a extended cable. If you get noise on your line use a cheap USB sound board and use it only for input mic. Ive used this for the last couple years and its been awesome. Best part is its cheap (around 30 dollars US) I also have the ModMic4 and this setup sounds better. Just a option. Both links are below.


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Interesting solution.

Lavalier-mics are probably ignored for gaming use because they look so flimsy and cheap.

Rode also has the Lav-Headset, which makes Lavalier type mics into a “headset like” thing, then you just put on your headphones on top. That way you don’t have the “clothes rubbing” sound problem.

True, just giving a good cheap solution that has been very good, cheap solution for that last at least 5 years. I tried the ModMic4 this year with it and it sounded worse so i switched back the the old sony. i keep it around chest level and through in game chat it sounds way better. Just a option to give out to people. you DO NOT have to go crazy expensive to have a good setup.

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My mic is about that far away.

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I hate ModMics.
They just sound wrong.
For the price of a ModMic, you get into used dynamic mic + UM2 territory.

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this is true, but for a PC we have this beautiful thing called OPTIONS. I am just pointing out one that works extremely well and is affordable. Leaves money for better headphones, dac amp etc. …

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siht why didnt I thinkk of that thats a great setup would suck though for mechanical keyboard users would pick up them loud click and clacks way too easy

No, unless you keep it fully open mic. I for one do not like mechanical keyboards for that same reason. Plenty of really good keyboards that are not mechanical. Im currently running the steel series apex 150 keyboard. It feels like a cherry key but is quiet. I also use push to talk.

Cheap lav mics are surprisingly good if you have a quality mic interface, they do pick up more noise than other alternatives but if you can control that it’s really not a bad idea

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One problem with LavMics is they often require obscure phantom voltages (looking at you, Rode! Fucking 2.9V you can’t even “coble something together” from 3 components, I swear to god!)

Yes you typically need a step down voltage converter, rode and antlion sell these, to use them with an interface

If your interface was to put out 24V, it would be easy. Just take an TI TL431 and let it feed the sense pin of a TI LM317. Will give you the most stable 5V ever (or any other voltage from 1.2V to like 35-ish).

As Phantom Voltage is 48V, that is not an option (unless you do some funky stuff).

grumble grumple 25€ adapter… :bomb: :expressionless:

Or just get something like the ag03 which has a mic in specific for headset or lav mics lol

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Do you want something that clips to you or is attached to a headset? Would you consider a mic on a boom arm?

The version 5 mod mic’s sound good. Use mine all the time including for being interviewed for podcasts. They sound better than a blue yeti in some setups. Mind you, mine is the analog one plugged into the ADC of the Schiit Fulla 3.

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I bought a ModMic Uni few months back thinking I wouldn’t mind the extra cable attached to the headphone’s cable but I was wrong. This extra cable and clips not only look messy but they add some weight too. Plus if you’re using multiple headphones, it won’t work. I replaced it with ModMic wireless and never look back. Sound quality is slightly worse than the wired version but the convenience factor is unbeatable.

Agreed, for the extra cable I don’t even use the clips because I have different head sets. The extra cable is kinda annoying especially as it’s shorter than most headphone cables.

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Yeah, before I made the switch to the wireless version I was so frustrated, I attached the mic to my phone stand instead of moving it from one headphones to another. Just put it on my desk like a desktop mic :sweat_smile:

I actually owned that same mic, but the left mic was DOA. Didn’t replace it in time lol.

I dig the mod mic wireless solution, not for the best audio quality but the hassle free use of it. No extra wires and I sound fine according to my friends. Makes swapping headphones a lot easier.

Also have used the vmoda mic, which is alright but less detailed, the volume pot on the cable is annoying.

Which mic input did you try it on? Since it is binaural it needs a mic input that takes 2 channels (trs), some mic ports will take only 1 channel (ts). You can try the back of your PC or line-in and see if it returns better results.