Good Mid-Fi EST IEM

That fit though.

Did not find much about them and saw some say they leaned towards being analytical.

Bought the BAX, waiting for delivery. Incase I don’t like them, I’ll just save for a few months and get the MEST MKII.

Can’t go wrong with the MEST II - just go over to that thread and see how much I love them!

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The Dunu EST112 is a very “safe” tuning for sure, but as far as pursuing EST goes, I thought it was one of the worse EST implementations out of EST sets I’ve heard. I don’t think it blended in with the other drivers very seamlessly.

Edit: That doesn’t make it a bad set, just not the best example of EST out of what I’ve heard.

@John7592jdys yes, the fit is different, but if you want unbelievably good sound at an amazingly low price, you’ve got to compromise, just like every other headphone and IEM! LoL!

well, for $1500, they damn well better be!!!

Yes, should always include asterisks with that $1500 price point in mind.

The OG MEST is wonderful as well, and you can find it for under $750 used if you can get lucky.

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Having demoed them, I can understand why. They sounded great, especially with RU6. Personally, they are just a tiny bit analytical on some tracks for my tastes but it’s not too bad and that could also be due to the tips. Like I mentioned before, I’m sensitive to treble and for me JH Audio Jolene was just a perfect sounding set, costs a lot though. The Vision Ears EXT was also a good set, sounded similar to MEST MKII but a bit more refined.