Good Mid-Fi EST IEM

Hi, so I recently had a chance to try the Vision Ears EXT, Unique Melody MEST MKII and really liked the unique quality of treble from the EST drivers. At the moment I can’t afford those high end IEMs so I was wondering what a good Mid-Fi alternative would be.

I’m sensitive to treble and something like the Blessing 2 can get shouty and harsh at times for me, I also like a solid Bass, CA Honeydew, Final E3000 level of Bass is exactly my preference.

What would you recommend? Currently, I’m looking at XENNS UP, Excalibur (used) but I’m open to suggestions.

Have you considered Dunu EST112?

They won’t like it. Lacks too much bass since they want E3000 levels of bass.

I recommend the ISN EST50 & TRN BAX.

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Maybe Yanyin Canon? I definitely hear good quality and quantity of bass. @MMag05 has one for sale.

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Not trying to push my sale. Plus, Canon doesn’t have EST drivers. Up is my favorite IEM but, the Canon definitely has more bass especially in the 100 config. I think anyone looking for HIGH levels of bass would be disappointed by the Up. Up has a very refined, tight, punchy and responsive bass presentation. Canon though has more rumble, subbass feel and seems more textured. At least that what my ears hear.

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Haha true, you might have a conflict of interest :stuck_out_tongue: But, you can (and did) share your thoughts on Canon vs UP, and fortunately(?) for you, there are very very few people with both on hand.

From my perspective, Canon can get to basshead level of bass. Even 000 config has a lot of bass, so 100 is like woooahh. And it’s a very organic, well-textured bass.

@John7592jdys you could also consider Serial?


I did not consider it but if like @Rikudou_Goku says, they lack Bass then I might not like it. It’s alright, if the Bass is not as strong as E3000 but it should atleast hit harder than Blessing 2, Kinera Norn, Legacy 4…

Have not heard of them, will look for reviews on them. Thanks

a good EST tuning is the main requirement. I’ve got Honeydew, E3000 & Meze 99C for Bass so the IEM does not need to be as strong in Bass but at least as close as possible to above IEMs.

What about the ThieAudio stuff? Monarch or Excalibur… there’s someone selling an excalibur for 500 usd, new is 650 usd.

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Definitely less than the E3000 but more than the B2.

I would look at the Shuoer EJ07M instead of the Dunu EST112 if you want bass.

although you can tape the vent on the EST112 and get more sub-bass.

There arent a lot of bassy tribrids (sonion est).

The XENNS UP and the Empire Ears Bravado MK2 are the bassiest I have seen, both above your price at around 800 usd though…


Excalibur and Oracle hover around $400 used commonly. The Excalibur was less popular/acclaimed so it shows up less often.

@Rikudou_Goku you are probably right about Xenns UP, if I was comfortable with that price I’d have waited a bit and gotten the Mest MKII instead, which I really liked.

So far, of the recommendations, the TRN BAX & Shuoer EJ07M look interesting, although looking at the graph (noob here) at 3k region, the EJ07M looks like it has similar signature to the Blessing 2 which I found to be shouty sometimes (lost the mesh filter on my unit, maybe it boosted the upper mids?)

The IEMs that I enjoy seem to have less energy (compared to IEF Neutral) in the 2k 3k region.

the only exception to this was the Timeless.

no, they are nothing similar at all. I also find the B2 a bit shouty, thats not happening at all with the EJ07M, in fact it is a bit dark to me.


Thanks all for the recs.

Will decide between the EJ07M & BAX and see how it goes.

I see, I guess right now Monarch MKII has all the attention.

Do keep in mind that the EJ07M do regularly go on sale for around 480 usd.

oh and.

(2 days left)


I recently listened to the Oracle and Excalibur. I liked the Excalibur better, but considering that the Blessing 2 can get to spicy for you, you sound more like the Oracle would suit you better of those two.

I liked both.


the answer to all what’s the best IEM questions over $100 but under $400 USD is etymotic. :sunglasses:

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The EJ Lava has a little more bass if you werent aware

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The DUNU EST 112 is my go-to personal recommendation in this category :slight_smile:

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