Good pairing for Swans/HiVi DIY 3.1A

Hope you all are having a good day, I am looking for a good amp recommendation with the Swans DIY 3.1a, I’d say my budget is around 600 max, maybe 700 if it a really great one. I like a very accurate recreation of the performance of classical pieces, if this can factor in as well. Thanks for your help in advance, I look forward to what you post!

Are you looking for an amp that would have a dac and a phono input, or just a power amp?

DAC / Phono would be nice to have.

I think the ps audio sprout100 would be a great pairing imo. It’s a very solid amp for the price. Has a pretty good headphone amp as well

I have the sprout100. It will do great with them.

Sold! Buying it tonight~!

Nice, hope you enjoy it, it’s a pretty sweet amp for sure :+1: